Conscious Stream

Conscious Stream is the new collaboration between myself, JE, and Chris Horan, the team who created Knowledge for Markosia.

A panel-per-week webcomic, Conscious Stream is a unique science fiction/horror story.

Debuting Monday November 2nd (not November 1st as originally reported).



It’s important to have goals for your career, whatever that career might be. In comics, I have 5 goals that I want to achieve before I “retire”.

By putting them out here like this, I’m committing to these, that these are my goals and these are what I’m always working towards.

In no particular order:

  1. A serialized story in Dark Horse Presents
  2. A creator-owned series at BOOM!
  3. A creator-owned series at Black Mask
  4. A self-published book
  5. A creator-owned book at Image Comics.

Those are my creator-owned goals. If I had to pick any mainstream, Big Two goals, they would be as follows:

  1. At Marvel, I want to work on Nomad. The Jack Munroe version. But I don’t even know if he exists in current Marvel continuity.
  2. At DC, I want to work on the Question. The Vic Sage version. I know he’s dead in-continuity, but this is comics…

That’s it. In comics, I really want to do my own thing, create my own characters, and own my own work.

Just a quick hit for today. Good luck to all my friends out in New York at NYCC.