First fancy-schmancy blog post.

So here it is, my super-late-to-the-party blog. This is where I’ll update things about my comics.

For those not in the know, I’m the creator/writer of the series “Breakneck” published by the almighty 215 Ink (that’s Two-One-Five, not Two-Fifteen). Breakneck is a series that focuses on D-list supervillain Ethan Shade, the world’s last surviving villain, and his attempts to evade capture or death at the hands of the world’s superheroes.

To date, three issues of Breakneck have been published physically. The fourth issue is available digitally (see the links below.) Issue five is complete and just needs letters. I was lucky enough to have uber-talented artist James Boulton illustrate the first five issues, and now have equally as uber-talented Chris McFann onboard for the remaining five issues. Breakneck is set for a total of 10 issues, for the mathematically challenged.

Breakneck available digitally at Wowio:

Breakneck available digitally at

And you can always find more information at

So this blog will be used to update my comics work, talk about music and comics that I dig, and general rambling. You can follow me on twitter @mark_bertolini.


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