Another quick update, just to get caught up

2012 will also be the year of short stories for me. I’ve never been all that good at writing short stories, I’m waaay too wordy for that. But that said, I have a total of five short stories seeing print this year.

“Unit 731” appears in the second volume of FUBAR, Empire of the Rising Dead. With my perennial partner-in-comics-crime Carl Yonder, with Chris Horan on letters. Very proud to have a story featured in this monster of an anthology, as it contains stories from some of my favorite indie creators.

Also, I have four stories in the upcoming 215 Ink anthology:

1) “Unring the Bell” with Jerome Eyquem and Chris Horan.

2) “Leo Cosmos” with Carl Yonder and ET Dollman

3) “Aches and Pains” with Noel Tuazon and Glenn Arseneau

4) “The Last Day of the Ghostwalker” (A Breakneck short) with Michael Tyler and ET Dollman.

I think that gets me caught up on just about everything that’s officially going to be published. My next post will be about the projects that are underway that I have high hopes for seeing print this year.

2012 is my year to throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. So far, so good.


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