Motivation, or lack thereof.

I am an undisciplined writer. I don’t have a specific time I write, a specific place (any more, more on that in a bit), or a day-to-day schedule of what needs to be done. All of this is bad news if your chosen career is to write.

I was lucky, that my day job (one that I was “downsized” from a week ago) gave me a lot of down time that I used for writing. And I was prolific, man. Extremely productive. I was (essentially) getting paid to write comics, and occasionally do my job. Which was good, because I could never get in the mindset to write from home. With two kids, a long-distance girlfriend, and the 2011-2012 NHL season on, I have a lot of distractions.

But things change. I lose the job. I lose a LOT of motivation. It’s only been a week, and I’m in a good position: 16 weeks paid severance. That’s a helluva lot of time, and I really want to take that time to write. So, after a week of being bummed out about losing the job (which I genuinely liked), and feeling pretty damn sorry for myself, I’ve decided that I want to make a schedule. A writing schedule. I just read a blog post by Chuck (Fight Club) Palahniuk where he says to use an egg timer, or the hour while your laundry dries, and use that time to write. That’s the minimum. (The article is here:

So this is what I’m planning. I have writing that needs to be done. I have a short story for a good friend over at that I have to work on. I have a new idea that has been churning away in my head for a few days that I’ve written a whole bunch of notes on (in my new Moleskine notebook that Nicole got me for Christmas), but that I really need to buckle down on. And just today I got asked to work on something else for my buddy Rolf (the sci-fi madman from the last blog post.) So it’s not like I’m not going to be busy. An hour a day. I just need to do it. And stop procrastinating.

I’ll start fresh on Monday. I know, I know, procrastinating already, but it makes sense for three reasons: my boys are home tomorrow as of 3:00pm, so I want to make sure the weekend is for them, before they have to go back to their mom’s house. Two: I think I need one more day to mope. I really did like my job, and some of the people I worked with, and I miss it. I never thought I would, but I do. So I get one more day to mope. And three: Rolf is supposed to send me information on this new project over the weekend, so I can start getting thoughts and notes down and have things ready to actually go on Monday.

My plan is to get up (which is around 9:30, and yes, I know that’s late, but fuck it, I don’t have a job), eat breakfast, jump in the shower (because I do a lot of good writing-thinking in the shower), and then start my hour. I do the hour, I get lunch.

I guess I’m rambling, but part of writing all this down is to, you know, do some writing. I figure, even on my worst day, if I can get some writing done HERE, then it’s not a total waste.

But I’m really terribly undisciplined, and need to work on that. Starting Monday.

One thought on “Motivation, or lack thereof.

  1. I hear you on that one. I’m terrible at procrastinating myself. My problem is I both love to write, and love to draw. So trying to find a balance (along with just life in general) is really hard. I’m in school now and graduating in May with a degree in illustration, and now more than ever I need to find that inspiration/motivation. So don’t worry, you’re not alone. You know you can do it, so just do it! (I’m a hypocrite!)

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