The best comic-creator site on the net…


Comixtribe was the brainchild of, and is run by, my buddies Tyler James and Steven Forbes, a pair of guys who are more passionate about comics than almost anyone I know.

Comixtribe is a great resource if you create comics in any way, shape, or form. You can submit script samples to The Proving Grounds, where Steven Forbes will edit the hell out of your script, with the toughest of love. Forby will make your script better, guaranteed, but make sure you’ve got a thick skin. You can also read the Bolts n’ Nuts feature by Forby, where you can learn what it takes to make it in the comics world.

Tyler James covers Comix Counsel, where you can get tips of setting the right goals, marketing, networking, and advice from other working creators.

The Creator-Owned Zone is where John Lees reviews independent, creator-owned books. He’s given me some favorable reviews on both Breakneck and Ghost Lines, but that hasn’t colored my opinion at all. John gives some of the most insightful and interesting reviews I’ve ever read.

The Trenches column will expose you to the hard-working comic creators who are doing the work, the guys who walk the walk rather than talking the talk. Another very interesting column to read.

Some direct links to my own Trenches columns: and

If you’re even remotely interested in creating comics, Comixtribe should be your first stop. Get some advice, get to know the players, make some contacts. As the site itself says, go do the damn thing.


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