Forgot one thing!

Wow, two posts in two days?

Yesterday I gave a basic update on my current projects, forgetting one thing: I was lucky enough to again be asked to contribute to FUBAR volume 3! As you’ll recall, FUBAR 2 became a New York Times bestseller, and plans are underway for the third volume already.

I sent off 3 pitches to the story editors yesterday, two that I liked, one that I LOVED, and I hope they let me write that one. It’s one of my favorite parts of American pseudo-history, and it fit so well into the idea of zombie infestations through out American history.

So yeah, just wanted to put that out there. I’m a lucky guy to be associated with the Small Press Commandos, and I can’t wait to start writing which ever pitch gets accepted.

As you were.


Wow, it’s been 20 days since I posted here.

Yeah, it’s been a while. Things have been up and down over at Bertolini HQ.

However, some good news: I’ve done some writing finally!

I was approached by Andrew DelQuadro, publisher of 215 Ink, and Jeff McComsey, architect of the FUBAR books, to write a short story for a Free Comic Book Day release! I’m not going to give much away, but it was a big deal for me to have something with my name on it out for FCBD. That’s great exposure, right there. And it was an “Apes With Uzis” piece (the concept created by Rolf that I may have mentioned before), and I knocked that sucker out over a weekend. Twelve pages. It felt good to get that story written, and I can’t wait to see the artwork as it comes to life.

Also, I’m VERY nearly done with an 8-page short for an upcoming ComixTribe release that is now overdue, but due to some, ah, let’s call it “setbacks” over the past couple weeks, it took me some time to get moving on it. But I’m happy with how it’s progressing, and hope to finish it later today.

Still off work, but that’s going according to plan. As previously mentioned, I’m covered until the beginning of May. The plan is to stay off work until after March Break, so that I can spend that week with my boys, and then hopefully return to work around the first of April. Again, that’s the plan, so lets see how successful it is.

Comic books are a “hurry up and wait” kind of game. I have so many things that are in progress right now, waiting on one piece or another, that it’s almost like nothing is happening, but that’s far from the truth. Here’s what’s coming up:

1) Almost finished getting the colors for the last issue of Long Gone. Then issues 3 and 4 will need letters, and that series is finally done.

2) Had the rights to Ghost Lines released back to me, and approached 215 Ink about publishing it. Things are moving in the right direction there, and I couldn’t be happier. This is a fully completed 4-issue miniseries that’s been gathering dust, and I can’t wait to see something new happen with it.

3) Submitted the first issue of Broken to 215 Ink. Again, sounds like it’s a go, just waiting on their publishing schedule for the rest of the year.

4) Old Ghost’s submission package is 99% complete. The 8 pages are illustrated, colored, and lettered. Rolf’s going to put a cover together for us, but being the busy man he is (blood sacrifices to the ancient alien sex gods take time, from what I understand), that’s still a couple weeks off.

5) Antihero also just needs a cover, David’s been working on it, and then THAT book will be ready to submit around.

6) We’ve got 20 pages of Scum of the Earth completed. It’s fucking gorgeous. Rob has submitted it to a few contacts he has, and we’re very hopeful something big can happen with it.

These things take time. Luckily, right now, time is something I have a lot of. Until next time (and I’ll try to make it less than 3 weeks), do yourself a favor and listen to “Perth” by Bon Iver. It’s about as perfect a song as you could ask for.


So, my grand plans for setting a specific time each day to do some writing has pretty much fallen apart. I’ve done a little here and there, but nothing substantial. The only good thing is that prior to this horrible lack of motivation, I was very far ahead on all my writing, so really, no one’s waiting on me for anything. Not just yet.

Being out of work has really sapped my motivation. This is the longest creative drought I’ve had since I decided to start writing comics seriously. So, give or take, about 10 years. And really, it’s been less than a month, but still…

I’ve had a bunch of new ideas. Stuff that would work as a comic. Some pretty good ideas, if I do say so myself (and I do). I worked out a deal of sorts with my buddies Tyler James and Steven Forbes to create a brand new comic from the ground up for their Comixtribe company, where I’d work with Steven, in his editorial capacity, to put something brand new together, and document all the steps in the creation of the idea, to run as a column on their CT site. I like the idea, I just need to get off my ass and start working on it. I also still owe Tyler an 8-page first draft script, so that’s the very first thing I have to do.

And then there’s the ever-expanding concept that Rolf set up. That needs some attention.

But on the bright side, some other projects are coming together. Long Gone is getting very close to completion now. Aaron’s 8 pages through the final issue’s colors. Things are looking great there. Broken’s first issue is ready to rock n’ roll, just need to nail down a publisher for it. And the submission package for Antihero is pretty much done. David’s going to work on a cover, and then I can start the submission process on that one. I sent it to a fellow writer/creator, who gave me some great feedback on it.

So even with this current block/lack of motivation, I still have things coming out. That’s the benefit of being quite so far ahead.

It’s also convention season. There’s a con here in Toronto in March. I worked this con last year, split a table with my buddy Phil McClorey. He’s got a table again this year, but already has a table-mate. I’m debating whether or not it’s worth getting my own table, and I’m leaning towards not getting one this year, as I don’t have anything new that will be ready to be on a table by the middle of March. I do need to talk to Andrew at 215 about the big Toronto Fan Expo in August, and see if there might be a 215 Ink presence there.

So that’s it for now. Hopefully I can get my shit together and start putting words to paper soon.

Oh, last thing: in the past two weeks, I’ve been to the movies and have seen both Haywire and Chronicle. Both excellent films, both highly recommended. Go check them out.