Another Update: Free Comics!

Yep, Free Comic Book Day is creeping up on us. First Saturday in May. And this year? I’ll have something out on FCBD. This is a big deal in the comics industry. What I’d like to do, faithful blog readers, is for you to check out this link:

This is the link to the 215 Ink/FUBAR Kickstarter to raise funds to distribute some indie comics on FCBD, a day which is normally dominated by the bigger publishers. You see that “Apes With Uzis” cover? I wrote that story. Yeah.

And look at the incentives! You can win Breakneck swag! What’s stopping you? I know they’ve already passed the goal, but all the additional funds mean additional comics can be printed. The more comics out, the better.

Join the revolution! Support 215 Ink/FUBAR press/Liber Distro. Support kick-ass indie comic creators. Support something OTHER than X-Men and Batman.

And then listen to “Nantes” by Beirut.



Some regular updates and some cryptic updates.

Sooooo….what’s everyone been up to?

Me? Oh, I’ve been writing. Yup, you read that right. Finally in some kind of groove. I finished the short script for Comixtribe. I still have to tweak some dialogue, but other than that, it’s good to go. I’ve sent the structure of the script to Carl so he can start thumbnailing.

I had my FUBAR 3 pitch approved, and have written the first draft to send off to Jeff at FUBAR base alpha. It was a fun, quick little story to write, based on a period of American history that’s among my favorites.

I just accepted a new comic project, something potentially pretty major, something that a fellow writer and a guy I’d consider a buddy asked me to take a stab at. I don’t want to give too much away (this is the cryptic update, by the way), but I’m excited to start working on it. It could be something pretty big.

Antihero’s submission package is pretty much ready to go. Got the 8 pages. Got the (badass) cover from David. Need to proof the pitch part, but I’ve had it ready for ages, so I should be able to get this ready by the weekend. Here’s a quick peek of the logo David designed:

Huh, that worked. First image I’ve posted here. Good to know.

Also, Old Ghost’s submission package is nearly ready as well. Waiting for the final touches on the cover (and the cover, my God, Rolf killed it), and that’s ready to rock.

Also emailed Markosia today to start to process of sending issue 3 to them.

Things are moving ahead quite nicely! That’s it for now. Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Oblivion” by Grimes. Strange song, not sure why I love it so much. But I do.



Updates, updates, updates!

Okay, my poor, sad, neglected blog, I’m back. Glad to see you’re not dead.

First off: I finally finished the second draft for my top secret Comixtribe short. Only two weeks or so late. But it’s done. Looks like maybe a few tweaks on the dialogue, and we’ll be good to go. My constant partner-in-crime Carl Yonder is going to work on this with me. This will mark the sixth (I think?) project Carl and I have worked on.

1) Ghost Lines

2) A Breakneck short that has yet to see print

3) Our FUBAR 2 short

4) An upcoming short in the 215 Ink anthology

5) A long-form Graphic novel called Teaser that we’ve been working on for a year or so.

6) And now the super-secret Comixtribe story. Carl’s also designed some logos for me as well. I can always count on getting top quality work from the esteemed Mr. Yonder.

Next: artist David Pentecost is working to get the cover image for Antihero done. Once we have that, I’ll start the submission process for it.

Also: Rolf Lejdegard just hit me with the cover for Old Ghost. It’s brilliant. I’ve asked Carl to design another logo for me, and once that’s done…we start the submission process.

I got the lettered proofs back for Long Gone issue 3, and it looks incredible. And Aaron’s already halfway through issue 4’s colors. I cannot wait for this to be ready.

Over the past couple of weeks, even though my actual writing output has been minimal, I’ve been struck with at least a dozen new story ideas. Some great, some not so great, but at least the idea-factory in my head is still working.

Last thing: I met yesterday with my old high school art teacher. He was the guy who would let me sit in class and draw comics all day. He wasn’t too disappointed that I ended up as a writer (I gotta go with my strengths, right?), but I hit him up with copies of Breakneck 1-3 for him to read. He also asked if I’d be interested in speaking to a writer’s group at the school about writing comics, and of course I would be. Looking forward to setting that up.

That’s all for now. Do yourself a favor, go listen to “Me and the Devil” by Gil Scott-Heron. If your hearing works, you’ll be a happy camper.