Updates, updates, updates!

Okay, my poor, sad, neglected blog, I’m back. Glad to see you’re not dead.

First off: I finally finished the second draft for my top secret Comixtribe short. Only two weeks or so late. But it’s done. Looks like maybe a few tweaks on the dialogue, and we’ll be good to go. My constant partner-in-crime Carl Yonder is going to work on this with me. This will mark the sixth (I think?) project Carl and I have worked on.

1) Ghost Lines

2) A Breakneck short that has yet to see print

3) Our FUBAR 2 short

4) An upcoming short in the 215 Ink anthology

5) A long-form Graphic novel called Teaser that we’ve been working on for a year or so.

6) And now the super-secret Comixtribe story. Carl’s also designed some logos for me as well. I can always count on getting top quality work from the esteemed Mr. Yonder.

Next: artist David Pentecost is working to get the cover image for Antihero done. Once we have that, I’ll start the submission process for it.

Also: Rolf Lejdegard just hit me with the cover for Old Ghost. It’s brilliant. I’ve asked Carl to design another logo for me, and once that’s done…we start the submission process.

I got the lettered proofs back for Long Gone issue 3, and it looks incredible. And Aaron’s already halfway through issue 4’s colors. I cannot wait for this to be ready.

Over the past couple of weeks, even though my actual writing output has been minimal, I’ve been struck with at least a dozen new story ideas. Some great, some not so great, but at least the idea-factory in my head is still working.

Last thing: I met yesterday with my old high school art teacher. He was the guy who would let me sit in class and draw comics all day. He wasn’t too disappointed that I ended up as a writer (I gotta go with my strengths, right?), but I hit him up with copies of Breakneck 1-3 for him to read. He also asked if I’d be interested in speaking to a writer’s group at the school about writing comics, and of course I would be. Looking forward to setting that up.

That’s all for now. Do yourself a favor, go listen to “Me and the Devil” by Gil Scott-Heron. If your hearing works, you’ll be a happy camper.


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