Another Update: Free Comics!

Yep, Free Comic Book Day is creeping up on us. First Saturday in May. And this year? I’ll have something out on FCBD. This is a big deal in the comics industry. What I’d like to do, faithful blog readers, is for you to check out this link:

This is the link to the 215 Ink/FUBAR KickstarterĀ to raise funds to distribute some indie comics on FCBD, a day which is normally dominated by the bigger publishers. You see that “Apes With Uzis” cover? I wrote that story. Yeah.

And look at the incentives! You can win Breakneck swag! What’s stopping you? I know they’ve already passed the goal, but all the additional funds mean additional comics can be printed. The more comics out, the better.

Join the revolution! Support 215 Ink/FUBAR press/Liber Distro. Support kick-ass indie comic creators. Support something OTHER than X-Men and Batman.

And then listen to “Nantes” by Beirut.


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