Some updates…because it’s April already?

Yes, I’m back. I hope you watered the plants for me. And brought in the mail, you know I hate it when it looks like I’m not home.

So, things have been a-brewing at HQ lately. I’ve cranked out scripts for a whole whack (yes, that’s the proper unit of measure) of new projects in the past couple weeks, and have lined up art on 3 of them so far. I’ve been productive, yes I have.

Without giving too much away, here’s what’s new:

1) An all-ages book about a seven-year-old boy and ghosts.

2) A crime/supervillain story. Not like Breakneck, not at all. This was birthed out of a couple of other ideas that never worked on their own.

3) My first official foray into the world of science fiction, and man, do I love the concept. I realize I’m my own biggest fan, but this really is a great idea. I’m currently patting myself on the back for it.

4) A rough outline for a Twin Peaks-style story set in a hermetic little town full of weird dudes and freaks and stuff.

5) Okay, this isn’t new, but I’ve been putting together stuff for the possibility of a Breakneck trade coming out in a few months (hopefully). It’s been fun going back over all this stuff. Also starting to prep Breakneck issue 5.

That’s about it. I’ll leave you with a recommendation (I stole this bit from my buddy Steven Forbes, who used to always recommend a song at the end of his blog updates.) Go and listen to “Lights Out, Words Gone” by Bombay Bicycle Club.