Did you miss me? You know it’s Free Comic Book Day this weekend…

So I guess the plants are dead, huh? It’s been about a month.

But here I am with an update, quick and dirty: this Saturday, May 5th, is Free Comic Book Day. If you have a local comic shop in your area, go on in and pick up some absolutely free comics. Take along someone who doesn’t read comics. Spread the love. Comics need all the help they can get these days.

I’ll be doing a signing at Image Collections in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada. I realize that limits a lot of those reading this, but that’s where I’ll be, with my buddy and fellow creator Chris McQuaid. I’ll have copies of my official FCBD release, the 215 Ink-published “Apes With Uzis” with artist Peebo Mondia. Big thanks to Andrew DelQuadro and Jeff McComsey for getting these books into my hands.

Here’s the link for Image Collections: http://www.imagecollections.ca/

If you can, come by and say hi! I’ll deface your comics for you.