Hahaha, god this thing is neglected, isn’t it?

Boy, my last update was on Free Comic Book Day. Over a month ago.

What have you been up to? I’ve been good. Kids are good. Weather’s getting better.

The comics? Well, I’m glad you asked. Got a few good things going on. Started work on Apes With Uzis issue 1 for Kurt Belcher. Started worked on a project called Last of the Fallen. Found out that Long Gone is getting solicited for release in September, so I’m pretty hyped for that.

We’ve recently started toying with ideas for a Kickstarter to raise funds to a) get a new artist on the book, as Chris McFann had to gracefully bow out, and b) raise funds to get the Breakneck trade out. It’ll have a Rolf cover, so I really want to get this thing out there.

We’re up to page 33 of 50 for Scum of the Earth. Rob’s just crushing this thing. I expect HUGE things to come of this.

Jerome’s well into issue 3 of Knowledge. Just need to lock down a publisher for this thing, because it’s fucking beautiful.

My Oxymoron short, “Living Dead” with Carl Yonder was well received by the ComixTribe crew, so that’s exciting. It’s good to work with Carl yet again, and it’s great to finally have some work coming out with ComixTribe, I consider the two publishers, Steven and Tyler, a couple of my best friends in the comics industry.

Pretty sure I’m forgetting a bunch of stuff, but yeah, that’s it for now.

Do yourself a favour and listen to Belle and Sebastian’s “Boy With the Arab Strap”. Someone special turned me onto it recently. It’s good stuff.

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