Step ONE…

So with luck, by the time most people read this update, I’ll have a new job. Not a comics job, but one of those real-life jobs. For the uninitiated, here’s how my job history has looked in the past six months:

I worked for Bell Mobility for almost five years, and was laid off (along with 300 other people) in January. I was given a four month severance package, so I took those four months and relaxed, wrote comics, watched movies, spent time with my kids, met someone incredible.

When the severance was nearing it’s end, I applied for work at Rogers Communications, and was hired into an inside sales position. Which I hated. I couldn’t stand the job. The people were great, but the job was awful, the hours were awful and I couldn’t manage them with my kids and everything else. So I had to resign after 6 weeks. This was the 10th of June, I’ve been out of work since then.

I sent out at least a hundred applications. Hit up my friends for job leads. Did whatever I could to find work. Had a couple of interviews, but nothing panned out. So I got in touch with a headhunter, who was able to set me up an interview with a marketing firm in my area. They’re looking for customer account managers. I interviewed with the woman who (assuming I DO get the job), would be my direct manager. Yesterday, I met with the senior account manager, who was an awesome guy, has a similar background as I do, is a hard-working single dad like I am. We got along really well, and he told me he would be very comfortable with me in the role.

Today they’re contacting my references. That’s a really good sign. Getting this job is STEP ONE in a 4 step program I set up for myself. Steps two to four are secret right now, but believe me, they are things that absolutely need to happen in my life.

Just to end this off, there was one person who encouraged me to find a job that would make me happy. This person knew how miserable I was at the last job. I’ve already thanked them, and they don’t believe they had anything to do with it, but I’m saying it again in case this person reads this: thank you, very much. This is potentially a life-changing opportunity, and wouldn’t have happened without you.

Okay. Do yourself a favour, and go listen to “Gimme Twice” by The Royal Concept.