Am I awesome? Some reviews think so…

Hey all, you’re totally spoiled with this update, since the last one was only a few days ago. But on the advice of a very smart someone, I’ve decided to try and keep this thing updated with a little more frequency.

So what I wanted to do was give people the opportunity to read some reviews of my work, and maybe based on that, go and actually read some of it. Sound good?

First up are the Breakneck reviews. Issues 1-3 were released in print form and garnered the most reviews, so here are the links to those:

Breakneck issue 1:

Breakneck issue 2: (it says #1 but it really is #2, I promise)

Breakneck issue 3:

And let’s throw in the very first ever Long Gone review here as well:

Once you read all that, and you’re interested in reading copies of the books, you can find more Breakneck info here:

And more info about Long Gone here:

And before I go, do yourself a favor and go listen to some old, quality Soundgarden (not the travesty that is that new song). Anything circa “Badmotorfinger” will do.


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