A slight departure from the creating comics series

I know I’m running the “Creating Comics, my way” series – and the second part will be posted tomorrow. But I really wanted to take a couple of minutes and discuss some other stuff. About comics.

Specifically, about my kick-ass Breakneck publisher, the mighty 215 Ink (www.215ink.com). Seriously, this company is really starting to make some moves, and I couldn’t be happier to be associated with them. There are some really excellent books coming up, lemme run down the stuff I’m excited about the most:

1) The Price – ongoing. Glenn Arseneau and Allen Byrns. Glenn’s a buddy, and Allen and I worked on a comic that hopefully will see the light of day through 215 in the foreseeable future.

2) ThrowbackTim Daniel and Anthony Gregori. Okay, I kinda hate these guys because this is EXACTLY the kind of comic I want to write. Superheroes, grown up, with violence and swearing. I admit it, I’m not too deep. I can’t wait for this book.

3) EnourmousTim Daniel (that guy again?) and Mehdi Cheggour. The original release through Image/Shadowline was fantastic, and an ongoing by these guys? I’m all over it. Plus, it just got optioned as a movie. Good stuff.

4) Southern DogJeremy Holt and Alex Diotto. I remember reading Jeremy’s pitch package for this a few months ago, and it was killer, and I’m psyched that it’s ready! Jeremy’s a super hard-working guy, and Alex…well, his stuff is excellent. Alex once illustrated part of a short Breakneck story for me, and I’d love to work with him again.

5) Angelica TomorrowDavid Liss and Allen Byrns. Man, Allen’s everywhere these days, huh? And David Liss, who wrote the kick-ass Mystery Men and the Black Panther: Man Without Fear books at Marvel. This looks like something pretty intense, and I hope it turns Allen into a superstar in the industry.

6) DeadhorseEric Grissom and Phil Sloan. Okay, Deadhorse is a brain-changer. If you dig books like the Umbrella Academy, or some of Grant Morrison’s early work (Animal Man, the beginning of his run on Doom Patrol), then you gotta check out Deadhorse. Quirky, fun and smart.

7) Apes With UzisRolf Lejdegard and a million others (myself included). You have no idea. The world-building that Rolf’s got going on here is stunning. It must be hell to live in Rolf’s head. But the rest of us get the goods that come out of it.

The man at the centre of it all is Andrew DelQuadro, who continues to give creators room to breathe and experiment and create. He published my first books, something I honestly probably can’t ever thank him enough for. The only way I feel I can make it up to him is to continue to create new books for him. More Breakneck. Ghost Lines. Broken. And a few new things that are in the hopper as we speak.

Go to www.215ink.com. Go to https://www.facebook.com/#!/215Ink. Go to https://twitter.com/215Ink.

But mostly, read the books, support small press creators and publishers. And hey, if you’ve got an idea, got some work done…why not submit your comic? You never know what might happen.

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Apologies to the Queen Mary” by Wolf Parade.

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