Since it’s an off day, here’s a rundown of my other stuff.

On my last off day, I talked about some of the new books coming out from 215 Ink. This time around, I’m going to talk about some of the new books coming out from ME.

I’m a lucky, lucky writer, because I work with some of the most talented and hard-working artists around. So let’s take a gander at what I have going on, with who, and what it’s about.

I’m going to exclude things I’ve talked to death about, though. Long Gone, Ghost Lines and Breakneck have had quite a bit of time in the spotlight here, and I’ll avoid talking about Instinct, because it’s getting its own series of updates.

1)      Knowledge. Art by JE, letters by Chris Horan. Knowledge is one of my favorites, mostly because Jerome’s art is stunning and he always, always surprises me. Knowledge might be getting picked up for publication very soon…


2)      Antihero. Art by David Pentecost, colors by K. Michael Russell, letters by Magnus. Antihero is my baby. Of all the comics I’ve written, Antihero was the first. It was the first time I felt I had a concept that was original, that was all mine. The first dozen pages are still unchanged from when I first wrote them…some eight years ago.


3)      The Argus. Art by Joël Séguin. I’m excited about this one. The Argus is a hard sci-fi story about time travel. But it’s not quite that simple. Joël’s art is incredible as well. Amazing clean lines, and he throws in all these little tricks and tidbits that I never see coming.


4)      Apes With Uzis: Thugs Electro. Art by Joël Séguin. Thugs Electro is a one-shot spinoff of the other AWU book I’m writing, The History Lesson (with Kurt Belcher and Dan Rice). It focuses on two (who I thought were going to be) minor characters and brings them to life in their own Lethal Weapon-inspired tale.


5)      Deep Rest. Art by Fabian Cobos. Deep Rest is a bit of a departure for me, it’s a sci-fi/horror book with some truly disturbing stuff happening in it. It was a blast to write…and then I lost all of it. Four issues, files gone for good. That’ll teach me to back stuff up properly. Luckily I remember most of it and can re-write it. And I will, because Fabian’s artwork is phenomenal.


6)      Old Ghost. Art by Olov Redmalm, letters by Chris McQuaid, logo design by Shawn Aldridge. Another Rolf-inspired story. I had a vague idea of what this was going to be about, and then Rolf threw an idea hand grenade at it, and it became so much more. Supernatural spy thriller. Olov has an incredible old-school European feel to his work. Blows me away.


7)      Laura and True in Scum of the Earth. Art by Rob Croonenborghs. This one…man, I can’t wait for this to be ready. Rob is crushing it. Absolutely. Pencils, inks, colors, letters, the man is a comic-creating machine, and has brought this story (“Southern Fried Sci-Fi”) to life like I couldn’t have imagined.


9)      Cardinal (tentatively titled). Art by Michael Tyler. This one’s kinda special, because Mike was the very first artist I ever worked with, back when I first started. He did the very first ever illustrations based on my ideas. We also have a short story in the 215 Ink anthology. Cardinal is a superhero story with a twist, and I couldn’t be happier to be working with Mike again.


That’s everything that’s actively being worked on right now. There are lots of other stories, other ideas, that are just waiting. I think ten projects at the same time is probably plenty, no?

On my next off day, I’m going to discuss some of the short stories I’ve written, the anthologies I’ve been lucky enough to be part of.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Houdini” by Melvins.


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