Creating Comics, my way, part 3

Well, I had an update all written and ready to go…and then Sami firebombed my inbox this morning with the inked INSTINCT pages, and that blew everything up.

In the best possible way.

So if you jump back to part 1 of this series of updates, you’ll see my script for page one and Sami’s roughs for page one.

Now feast your eyes on the inked page one…


Pretty incredible, no? And if you think that one is good, you should see pages 2 through 8…but because I’m a terrible human being, I’m not going to show them to you. I have to keep some stuff to myself, or else none of you will want to read it later.

I do promise to show the completed cover, once Sami’s done with it. Okay? Deal? Well, sorry, it’s the best I got right now.

So, so far we have this transition:

1)      Initial idea.

2)      Opening sequence script.

3)      Artist search.

4)      Artist located.

5)      Editor on-board.

6)      Roughs for pages.

7)      Cover rough

8)      Inks.

That’s 8 steps, and we’re not even halfway there! There’s still colors and letters to go, just to get the pages done, and then pitching the idea to publishers, the submission package. There’s still lots of work ahead of us.

I’m strongly considering something different with Instinct. Something fellow creator Jeremy Holt (215 Ink’s Southern Dog/Cobble Hill) did, to pretty kickass effect. Jeremy took his pitch packages and created actual comic books with them, had them printed and professional looking. I found a place online that I’m going to check out that can do it fairly inexpensively. There is a two-fold plan in doing this: 1) I’ll have copies of the opening sequence and cover, a professional looking package that I can send to editors/publishers/etc. (all will be detailed here) and 2) worst case? I have copies of this incredible looking piece of work. That really would be enough for me, to have some copies to share with friends and fellow creators. Not that I don’t want something to blow up with this, but in reality, that’s all I ever really want out of my work.

That and a movie deal, but, you know…

So anyway. My next step is another tough one: colors. I’ve found that finding the right colorist can be as challenging as finding the right artist. I know a few colorists, guys I might hit up for this. But I have a pretty specific color scheme in mind. I need to see what and who I can find.

It would be so much easier if I had a smidgen of artistic talent.

That’s it for today’s update. I’m taking the weekend off, but Monday I’ll have another update, the one that was planned for today. I hope everyone reading this is enjoying it, because I really am. It’s one thing to write comics, and I love to write comics, but it’s another thing to write about comics, and I’m realizing I like that just as much.

Have a great weekend. Do yourself a favor and listen to “Bad As Me” by Tom Waits, because he’s the motherfucking man.


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