Creating Comics, my way, part 5

Today’s update is going to be kinda short, so I apologize in advance.

Sami just sent me a couple of additional pieces of art, one to be used as the inside front cover, one to be used as the inside back cover.

Here’s the back cover image:


Creepy no? The other image, for the front cover, is incredible. Part of making creator-owned comics is thinking about all the design features that go into them. There’s no one else to do this job for me. There’s no one else to pick up my slack, so I have to be on the ball and make sure all the parts are there, that everything’s lined up.

And I love inside front cover designs. You get a killer piece of art, and then you obscure it all with your names. Sami set the front piece up perfectly, with a fantastic image and lots of white space for the credits. Also, space at the bottom, for the legal stuff. That’s (hopefully) going to be important down the road.

So I have a couple things I want to share, related to Instinct.

First, again, is the brand-new Facebook page:!/Instinctinprogress

I’m running a contest: when/if I get to 100 ‘likes’ on the Facebook page, I’ll do a random draw and the winner will be able to name the hard-as-nails badass female Intelligence Agent who becomes Dominic Arch’s handler later in the comic. If you’re a female and want you name immortalized in the book, you can do that. If you’re a dude, you can, I dunno, give me your girlfriend or wife’s name. Whatever you want. Just to get some more reader involvement. You’ve all been a part of the process so far, by following this series of posts, and I want to keep that going.

If we get to 200 ‘likes’, I’ll let the lucky winner determine how the Russian headcase Romany gets killed. How do you like those apples?

Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter too: @mark_bertolini. I occasionally say funny things and discuss coffee.

And a couple of administrative-type things: I found a couple of potential colorists. Hopefully one of them will get close to the specific color scheme I have in my mind’s eye.

Once I have this colored and lettered, as I mentioned before, I’m going to get the 8 pages and the cover printed into a couple dozen actual comics. Here’s the service I’m going to use (already contacted them to make sure they’ll ship to Canada – they will):

This is the service that my buddy, fellow comic writer and fan of good music Jeremy Holt used for his pitch packages. It’s a great idea, to present your comic as a comic. Much better at conveying what it will look like than a PDF file. I can get 25 copies made up for about $65 plus shipping. That’s not a bad deal at all. And they have a reprint option, so I can always order more. I’m hoping to use these as a primer; maybe I’ll sign and sell some. Maybe I’ll give some away to my friends and fellow creators.

Maybe I’ll have another draw later on for a copy…

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Meet Me at the Muster Station” by PS I Love You.


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