Some Instinct news…finally!

So Instinct is rolling along, fear not. I haven’t talked much about it the last week or so, but things are still happening. I’m “auditioning” colorists for the job. Right now there are three potential candidates working on sample pages, and I can’t wait to check them out.

I’ve decided to loosen my specific color restraints. I don’t think I need to be so strict. I feel like ultimately, I’m taking away part of the creative process for a potential colorist. Just because I’m picturing something in my head doesn’t mean it’s going to work. And I might miss out on a brilliant alternative because I’m being so strict. So I’m letting that part go.

So just to run things down on team Instinct, here are the main players on the creative team:

Mark Bertolini – creator and writer. Since you’re reading my blog, I’ll refrain from all the stuff attached to my name.

Sami Kivelä – pencils and inks. Sami illustrated the Markosia GN “Dark Lies, Darker Truths” that should be hitting shelves very soon.

Andrew Brinkley – editor. Andrew edited my Long Gone series from Markosia, and was also the editor on the Image series “Sweets”.

ET Dollman – letters and design. ET has lettered countless books, including both Long Gone and Ghost Lines with me.

Hopefully soon I can add a colorist’s name there, and we’ll be fully in business.

And because you’ve all been so patient, I’m rewarding you with another page of Instinct, in all its inked glory: the first appearance of our psychotic leading man, Dominic “The Monster” Arch.

I could look at Sami’s pages all day. I genuinely cannot wait to see these colored and lettered. I’m as excited to read it as anyone!

I continued writing the script for the first “issue” of Instinct today. I put issue in quotations, because I don’t know how this will be published. I tend to write in 22-page installments for individual issues, but I can see Instinct as a graphic novel, which just means some cliffhangers every 22 pages…but I like the direction it’s going. My intent is to keep this a tight, lean narrative. No extraneous bullshit. If something doesn’t need to be in there, I’m cutting it out. With knives. Stabbing the computer until it gives me the story I want. I’m taking no prisoners this time. And various other similar cliches.

That’s it for today, gang. It’s hump day, it’s Wednesday, it’s new comic book day! It’s also my favorite day of the week for another reason…. Ooh, so cryptic!

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “The Great Escape” by Blur.


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