Creating Comics, my way, part 6

Well, finally, a proper Creating Comics update. Wanna know a secret?

Comics is a lot of “hurry up and wait”. It’s something you just have to get used to.

However, I did tease a big announcement today, and here goes…

Instinct has a colorist. Officially! Let me welcome Hugo Froes to the Instinct team. Hugo has agreed to color the 8 page pitch package.

So the team is officially in place, and here it is again:

Mark Bertolini – creator and writer

Sami Kivelä – pencils and inks, cover

Hugo Froes – colors

ET Dollman – letters and design

Andrew Brinkley – editor

I’m psyched about this lineup, some amazing work is going to be created here, I can feel it.

Now I’ll take you on a little tour of the creation of page 1 again.

The first page script:

Page One

3 page-wide panels

1/ Overhead shot: VASILY ROMANY (see separate character description) is lying on an operating table. He’s strapped down heavily, completely incapacitated. He has a band across his forehead as well, and a device is attached to his head that forces his eyes open, like little spider legs preventing him from closing his eyes. He has a maniacal smile on his face.

VOICE (off-panel): Are we rolling?

VOICE (off-panel): We are. Go ahead.

VOICE (off-panel): Vasily Romany. Can you hear me?

2/ Close-up on Romany’s face, his wide eyes all bloodshot, a few days worth of beard growth on his face, all patchy, his mouth open in a rictus kind of grin. He’s got bad teeth.

ROMANY: Я на Луне. Я твой Бог сейчас.

3/ Pull back to show Romany’s table is in the middle of a cage. There is nothing else in the cage except for a large light over the table, shining down on Romany. Outside the cage stand three men, two in ill-fitting suits, one in a lab coat holding a clipboard. The men in suits are smoking. These are AGENT FAYNE and AGENT AMBERSON. The man in the lab coat is DOCTOR WELLINGTON (see separate character descriptions).

FAYNE: He’s out of his goddamn mind, Doc. I thought you said he was better.

WELLINGTON: He was quite lucid earlier, Agent Fayne. I don’t know what to tell you.

(A caption box will appear for each character here)

CAP: Agent Fayne, NSA

CAP: Agent Amberson, NSA

CAP: Doctor Wellington, NSA Spec-Ops Research


Sami’s roughs:

Sami’s finished inks:

And for the first time, Hugo’s colors:

You’ll notice I relaxed my super anal, super strict color ideas. Sometimes your first thought on how stuff should look isn’t the best one. I love what Hugo did with the page and can’t wait to see more. Soon I’ll be able to add ET’s letters on there to show the full life of how this page came together.

Also, I have the name of the female lead (not yet introduced in the 8-page sample) from contest winner Tara Alexander: the name of the intelligence agent who is assigned to be Dominic Arch’s handler will be named MacKenzie Reid. Thanks Tara!

Thanks for following! Be sure to check out the Instinct Facebook page:

Do yourself a favor and listen to “High Violet” by the National.

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