Short stories.

(Sorry, I totally spaced and never posted an update yesterday. I hit 50 posts and then all of a sudden I’m like “pffft, fuck it.” But no, not really.)

I may have mentioned it before, but I hate writing short stories. They can be super important and are a great way to work with multiple artists without a major commitment from anyone, and they’re always good for getting your name out there across various channels, but man…I hate writing them. I’m way too wordy, and sometimes I feel my ideas are much better suited to longer-form stories. But short stories are necessary, and despite the fact I don’t enjoy them that much, I’ve written my fair share of them.

Let’s run ‘em down, shall we?

1)      FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead, Unit 731, illustrated by Carl Yonder. This was my first short in the second volume of FUBAR, and is the one that made me a legitimate New York Times bestselling author. Yeah, you read that right: NEW. YORK. TIMES. BESTSELLER. That’s some hot shit right there.

2)      FUBAR: American History Z. I have another short in the upcoming third volume of FUBAR. Looking forward to seeing who my collaborator is and how it will look when it’s all done.

3)      Oxymoron, Living Dead, illustrated again by Carl Yonder. This story is part of the Oxymoron hardcover anthology that ran a super successful Kickstarter campaign. Getting to work with Carl again was a treat, and working with my buddies at ComixTribe for the first time, officially, was also great.

4)      Aches and Pains, illustrated by Noel Tuazon. This story will be published in the upcoming 215 Ink anthology, and I couldn’t be more excited to have a story drawn by Noel, who rocked out on Archaia’s Tumor book last year, and is currently the artist on the series Foster. Working with Noel was awesome, because I’m a big fan of his.

5)      Unring the Bell, illustrated by Jerome Eyquem. Jerome is my partner on the Knowledge miniseries, and he and I developed this short sci-fi story together, which will also see print in the 215 Ink anthology.

6)      Leo Cosmos, illustrated by, yep, you guessed it, Carl Yonder. This was Carl’s baby, and he let me play in the Leo sandbox which was a lot of fun. This will also be published in the 215 Ink anthology.

7)      Miasma, illustrated by Lee Lightfoot. This was published in Black Ship Books’ Weird Zombie Horror anthology, and was an interesting story, as it was based on some actual historical fact, with zombies added. This was also my very first ever paid work. So there’s that.

8)      Breakneck: The Last Day of the Ghostwalker, illustrated by Michael Tyler. I once had the great idea to create a Breakneck anthology, with a few short stories illustrated by various artists. That anthology never came to fruition, but I had a few really kickass stories kicking around, and this one will also see print in the 215 Ink anthology.

9)      Breakneck: The Secret History of Captain Stone, illustrated by Carl Yonder. This was another story from the ill-fated Breakneck anthology, but I’ve got plans for this story, looking forward to placing it somewhere.

10)  Breakneck: A Punchup at a Wedding, illustrated by Allen Byrns. The third story from the never-released Breakneck anthology, this one’s an interesting story because it highlights a very specific part of the Breakneck universe. Have plans for this one as well…

11)  Capacity, illustrated by…well, I’m not sure. I originally wrote this story for Jim McMunn, but when Jim got super busy it kind of fell off our radar. Then Jason Copland was looking for a short story to illustrate with a stick (yeah, for real), but Jason’s also super busy, so who knows? But I dig this story, it was inspired by a viewing of Blade Runner one night.

12)  Apes With Uzis: The Package, illustrated by Peebo Mondia. This was the Apes With Uzis story that ran in the 215 Ink Free Comic Book Day offering from this year, the flipbook with Vic Boone.

I think that’s all of them, at least the ones I can think of. Even though I struggle with short stories, and really don’t think that they are my strong suit, I recognize their importance. I know a lot of creators who love shorts, who always have multiple short stories in production, stories that get published in a wide variety of anthologies. For myself, I just feel that, for the most part, I need more space to get my story across. Eight pages is a challenge for me.

That’s it for today, folks. Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Veckatimest” by Grizzly Bear.

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