What I’m working on

Just an update on my comics, for those that are interested. And if you’re not interested, why are you even here?

Instinct is still rolling on. Hugo’s done a few more pages of colors, Sami has given his input on those pages, and ET is waiting patiently to letter them. Should have more to show you in the next little while.

I’m still working on the script for the Apes With Uzis spinoff I’m writing, called Thugs Electro, with Joël Séguin (the artist I’m working with on The Argus…more in a sec.) Rolf has a huge story he wants to have told in this book, and I’m slowing putting the pieces of the puzzle in place to get it ready.

Speaking of the Argus, we might have found a colorist to work on the pitch package…

I’ve still got three books in pitch stage, just waiting to find the right place to send them to, those being my non-quite-superhero book Antihero, the sci-fi/horror story Deep Rest, and the spy thriller-with-a-twist Old Ghost.

I’m at twenty-some pages on the comic I’m tentatively calling NRV (No Redeeming Value), which started slow but is going to explode into an orgy of violence and mayhem. I figure it’ll be a 50-page graphic novella. No artist attached as of yet, but I have a few people in mind…

Something big is happening with Knowledge that I can’t talk about just yet. (Then why mention it? Because I’m a terrible person.)

I had a great idea on a new take on the classic Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde story that I want to start to flesh out.

My brother, who occasionally hits me with random ideas he thinks could get turned into comics or used in the course of a comic, gave me a great idea a few months ago that’s slowly been burning a hole in my brain. Remember the other two guys crucified on the hill with Jesus? Those dudes were actual criminals. What if they didn’t die on the cross? What if they were the first legitimate supervillains in history?

I have an idea for a story that might work as either a comic or a novel, about a man trying to escape through many levels of an insane asylum that’s been taken over by the inmates. I spent a while Wikipedia-ing various survival horror video games, and this was the result.

I want to revive a really old idea of mine, about the world’s first team of superheroes. In my story, though, they were actually criminals who were sent on a suicide mission during the first Gulf War and were caught on camera killing an Iraqi super-soldier, and boom, the world thought they had their first superhuman heroes. It will deal with how the government has to continually spin it so this bunch of degenerate scumbags can keep being presented as heroes to the world at large.

That’s all for today. Just wanted to let you all know I’m still working, even though I admit my pace has slowed down lately. Work’s started to pick up, and I’m finding less time to write. Don’t even mention my crime novel Send Him Round…my girlfriend’s already pissed that I haven’t written anything new lately.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “The Chemistry of Common Life” by Fucked Up.


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