Dead and not-so-dead projects.

Every writer has a ton of dead ideas, things that you start with a ton of enthusiasm that tend to just…fade away over time. Either your artist got another gig (generally a paying one in my case), or they stop answering emails, or they just tell you they don’t have the time to keep working on it. I’ve “lost” a few potential projects this way. Sometimes things turn out for the better. Case on point:

Ghost Lines – the original Ghost Lines artist, David Cheifetz, did the art for the first 8 pages of issue 1, and then very graciously decided that it wasn’t for him. He gave up on comics and went back to his first artistic love, oil painting (and became a bit of a success in that field, so more power to him.) I lucked out in getting to work with Carl Yonder on Ghost Lines, and the rest is history.

But sometimes, projects just up and die. It happens. So I wanted to look at a few of the projects I had die out on me.

First up is the original Aches and Pains. I created Aches and Pains and found an artist named Ryan Moffett to work on it with me. Aches and Pains is the story of a pair of geriatric hitmen. Ryan and I worked up some concept art, but that was a far as we got, even though I’d put together a nice little 8-page story.

Here’s some of Ryan’s concept work:

Aches and Pains v.1

The story sat around for a while before I could figure out what to do with it. Then, maybe in mid-to-late 2010, my buddy Jason Copland started up an art blog with another artist named Noel Tuazon (who had done the art for Josh Fialkov’s “Tumor” series at Archaia), where they were really just messing around, creating experimental art. Well, I wanted in, and basically invited myself to take part. I started talking to Noel about maybe doing a short project, and immediately Aches and Pains came to mind. I pitched the idea to Noel, he dug it, and started to work on it. His pages were staggering in how good they were! I got another buddy of mine, Glenn Arseneau, to letter the pages (with a quick assist from my perennial letterer, ET Dollman), and we had a nice little black and white 8-pager. This story ended up getting picked up in the 215 Ink anthology.

Here’s a page from Noel’s take on Aches and Pains:

AnP Noel

Working with Noel was a big thrill, and I love how this story turned out. I can’t wait for you all to read it.

Tomorrow (if I have a chance) I’ll have another entry in the “dead projects” series.

For today, do yourself a favor and listen to Titus Andronicus’ “The Monitor”. You’re welcome.


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