Dead and not-so-dead projects part 2.

In continuing my exploration (and unearthing some really cool old stuff) of some projects that died before their time, I’m going to take a look at a short story called Capacity.

Capacity was my homage to Bladerunner. In fact, I wrote it while watching Blade Runner one night. I hadn’t planned on writing it, but as soon as those opening scenes hit, this idea exploded into my head and I banged out the 8 pages fairly quickly. A couple of small revisions later, and I had the story.

I had planned on it being much longer than just 8 pages, and maybe one day will expand on this potential universe, but I was really happy with how the story turned out. And since I hate writing shorts, I was pretty thrilled this one turned out nicely.

So anyway, I had this idea and needed an artist. I’d been talking to Jim McMunn (the Frightful Fetus, the Devil’s Trail, FUBAR) about doing a short story together. I gave Jim a few ideas, and he liked this one the best, so we started working on it. Or, I should say, Jim started working on it, creating some intense architecture and crowd scenes and stuff that would probably make blood pour out of his eyes.

Here’s a quick taste:

Capacity v.1

Jim is a super-busy and super-in-demand artist, and quickly realized he just didn’t have the time to work on Capacity, at least not enough to give it his all. Jim’s a good guy and someone I consider a buddy, so I wasn’t completely broken up about it. I know how much work this guy has, and my story (in the grand scheme of things) wasn’t all that important. I didn’t even know what I was going to do with it when it was done.

So I found another artist to work on it, a guy named Kundo Krunch (I’m pretty sure that’s not his real name…). Kundo did the 8 pages, but it wasn’t really how I pictured the story, so we politely parted ways. I just wasn’t feeling it. The art wasn’t bad, just not what I felt the story needed.

Here’s a sample of Kundo’s work on Capacity:

Capacity KK

So the story sat dead in my computer for a long time after that. I eventually sent it to artist Jason Copland, who toyed with the idea briefly, but was in the same boat as Jim: too busy. Which is cool, Jason’s also a buddy, and I know he’s got a ton on his plate.

I know I talk about how much work Carl Yonder and I have done together, but it’s been a little while since we actually put something new together. We’d been talking about a mini-series, a 2 or maybe 3 issue thing, but I had an idea to get our creative mojo back on track: do a short story first. My buddy Ryan Ferrier has started a new publishing imprint called Challenger, running a bunch of short stories online, and I really wanted to pitch him something, so I proposed to Carl that we work on Capacity. Of course, Carl was in, and we’re going to be putting this story together for February-ish of 2013.

Monday will have another dead projects update (Man, I really do have a lot of these…)

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Slave Ambient” by the War on Drugs.

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