Dead projects, part 4

Here’s the first post on the blog in the year 2013. More about dead projects! Hooray!

I’m really digging doing these, I gotta say. It’s nice to look back through old work and see what worked and what didn’t, and how much enthusiasm the younger me had for all this work. This was back in the days when I wrote the shit out of everything. I wrote all of the words. I sent out a dozen emails a day looking for artists. Sometimes they responded back, mostly they ignore my crazed ramblings.

Today I want to look at a couple of projects that never came to fruition. The first is a book called “The Carriers“, which was going to be a superhero/horror book about a group of people who gained superpowers after an experimental bomb went off in a crowded market. Most of the people there died horrible deaths, but some gained superpowers. I hooked up with an artist named Jason Jarava the first time around, and he hit me with some of the creepiest pages I’ve ever seen in my own work.

Here’s a taste:

Carriers - Jarava

And Jason’s take on the main character, The Investigator:

Investigator - Jarava

Jason eventually bowed out to, you know, actually live his life, and I found an artist named LJ Bigbull (again, not sure that’s his real name or not…). LJ didn’t get any farther than character studies, but here’s his version of the Investigator:

Carriers - LJ Bigbull

I eventually met up with another artist named Will Harris, who actually did a short Breakneck story with me, and did more character designs for the Carriers. Will had a much different vibe to his work, as you can see in his interpretation of the Investigator:

Carriers - Will Harris

As it stands, the Carriers is stalled out, maybe indefinitely. Not sure it has the same impact on me now that it did when I first created it. It’s still a concept I’d like to re-visit at some point, but right now, it sits in the dead file.

The other one I wanted to look at today is “City of Razors”, which was going to be my attempt at a cyberpunk comic. I missed out on the big cyberpunk phase during the 80s (fuck that, I was reading GI motherfucking Joe at the time!), but I always liked the ideas that came out of cyberpunk work. I had this idea after reading Warren Ellis’ “Lazarus Churchyard”. I worked on the first few pages of this story with an artist named Sean McKendrick. He designed the mech-bodies that were needed to survive in the horrific, post-apocalyptic environment the story took place in.

Here’s a look at the body used by Soviet serial killer Dmitri Stamnev, with colors by Levi Walton:

City of Razors

I really would love to get this back up and running at some point, at least to get the cyberpunk story out of me.

That’s it for today. Go nurse your hangover to the sounds of Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago.”


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