More on “Dead Projects”

Hmm. It seems like I have more of these than I thought…

But this time, not-quite-so-dead. Here’s the story of Antihero.

Antihero (as I’ve mentioned before) was the first real script I ever wrote, when I decided I wanted to write comics seriously. I knew I had something with this story, and the first 8 pages are unchanged from that initial piece of writing.

What’s not unchanged is the art. The original Antihero artist was my buddy Michael Tyler. This was circa…2008? Maybe 2009? We hooked up at Digital Webbing, and started shooting off ideas and brainstorming the shit out of Antihero. We developed the characters, the powers, worked on the escaped criminals, had a hell of a lot of fun in creating this world…but it never went any farther. I think we were both really new at this, and we were in over our heads. Michael and I always stayed in touch (and again, as I’ve mentioned before, Michael illustrated the Breakneck short story to be published in the 215 Ink anthology, and is illustrating my new one-shot called The Cardinal).

But Michael created the first design for the main character in Antihero, The King:

Antihero -King - Tyler

I eventually connected with an artist named Leandro Panganiban, who started to work on Antihero, but got snapped up to do some paid work elsewhere (I confess not to remember where, though), but he did a design and an inked page:

Antihero - The King v.2

AH Page

Dammit, not sure why that page is so small. Anyway, Leandro kept the crown-style mask, but changed the costume from the “evil Nightwing” design that Michael had to a more military/real world functional design.

Antihero was finally brought to life by my collaborator David Pentecost, who adapted Leandro’s design into his own, shown in this cover (because I love showing this cover off, that’s why):

The King - art by David Pentecost

The other book I wanted to touch on is Ghost Lines. I’ve talked about Ghost Lines a lot here, but I wanted to show off the difference in styles between original artist David Cheifetz and final artist Carl Yonder.

Here’s David’s cover design:

GL cvr Chiefetz

And Carl’s cover:

GL cvr Yonder

It’s interesting to see that they both created creepy headshots of the main character, Deacon Sands, without any prompting on my part.

That second one was a bonus quickie, I guess. I don’t have anything else to say about it.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Youth” by Matisyahu. Because why not?


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