Final “dead projects” update

This might be my last one of these for the time being, but I’m sure there will be more dead ideas in the future.

I wanted to do a couple of quickies today, stuff that never materialized…yet.

First up is Magnum Opus. MO was going to be a 3-issue crime story, a hardcore little slice of noir about an aging hitman training his replacement and trying to get back money that was stolen from him by the mob. In Vegas. So, pretty much every cliché you could stuff into a single story.

I hooked up with an artist named Craig Bundy (God, this was years ago now), and while we talked about it and were eager, we got as far as this – the design of main character Nicodemus Rex.

Magnum Opus - Rex - Craig Bundy

I’d still like to work on this one. I’d like to go back and un-cliché some of it. But this story brought out all my favorite themes: an old man as protagonist? Check. An old man wearing a white suit? Check. And an old man kicking some ass? Double check. Also: see Long Gone.

The next book I wanted to mention is called Ron Harder: Hardcore Dick. It was about former porn star-turned private detective Ron Harder. He’s fairly infamous in the underground, and gets hired for all kinds of weird things. The opening storyline was going to be about him hunting down who stole the pistol that killed Hitler from a sick old man’s occult collection.

I worked up the first 8 pages with an artist…whose name I completely, absolutely forget. I don’t even have those pages any more. I have no idea where they went, but all I have left is this cover, which I still fucking love.

Harder cvr

As you can probably tell, I fell out of touch with the artist. Whoever he was. But then I started to talk about bringing Ron back, with my buddy Kurt Belcher. Kurt did some designs of the big dick himself:


Kurt and I are still planning on making a go at this, but we’re both busy (as well as already working together on an Apes With Uzis miniseries). One day, though.

Last but not least for this post: a series that has been in my head for many, many years, called Worldagent. Long-time Digital Webbers might remember it, I posted a script there many moons ago.

Worldagent was my idea of a world-wide covert agency that monitored (and sometimes executed) superhumans. They were a super-secret police force. You never knew who might be a Worldagent. And part of the organizational structure was that the agents themselves never knew who else was an agent, except for their immediate handler.

Anyway. I’ve had this idea kicking around for the better part of ten years, and I still want to do something with it, but my enthusiasm for the idea has waned over the years. But here’s the first take on Worldagent, by an artist named Roberto Duque.

Worldagent - Roberto Duque

A year ago or so, I met a talented penciller named Viking Teng who did a few test pages for a re-vamped Worldagent…but I don’t have those pages any more.

(I should go on the record here and say I’m not a horrible person, my laptop was stolen in the winter of 2011 and I lost a TON of stuff that I didn’t think to properly backup. Maybe I am a horrible person…)

Here’s a shot of the main bad guy, Agent Joseph “The Animal” Barbosa.

Worldagent v.1

That’s it for this week. On Monday, I’m going to go through my plans for 2013 when it comes to comics. My goals, my hopes, my dreams…well, my goals at least.

Until then, do yourself a favor and listen to “Innerspeaker” by Tame Impala.

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