2013: A Mission Statement

So here’s my mission statement for the year: get more comics published. Know why? Because I want you to read them. I want you to enjoy reading them as much as I did creating them. And I want my artistic collaborators to get the recognition they’re due.

There is one thing missing from this list, because I can’t talk about it any more, as I wait for something big and important to happen. But eagle-eyed readers who are familiar with my upcoming work will know what’s missing…

1)      First up: More Breakneck. This is a plan. There is a plan in place right now to print the first Breakneck trade paperback, which will contain issues 1-4. Issue #5 (James Boulton’s final issue as artist) is complete, just needs to be lettered. I’m hoping to get it out for around the same time as the trade, to keep the hype going. But then I need to nail down an artist for the final 5 issues. I have a few peeps in mind, one I might have asked already…

2)      Scum of the Earth. I want this graphic novel in readers hands by the end of the year. That’s my goal. Rob’s busted his ass working on it, and it deserves to be read. It’s a fantastic story (God, I’m modest), with some truly game-changing art. We’re very close to being finished with it, so it becomes time to lock down the right publisher.

3)      Instinct. I tweeted a few days ago that 2013 is the Year of Instinct, and I mean that. One of my main goals this year is to get this submission/pitch package completed and sent to a number of publishers to see who will be interested in picking it up. I think this one’s gonna be big.

4)      Antihero. This one needs to happen this year. It’s taken a long time to get to where we are with it, and I’m determined to get this picked up somewhere this year.

5)      Old Ghost: see #4.

6)      The Argus: see #4 again.

7)      Ghost Lines. I need to confirm it, but I think this is slated for publication this year through 215 Ink. This series has had it’s ups and downs but it’s still a fantastic piece of work (there’s the modesty again), and now would be a great time to capitalize on Carl’s success with Pirate Eye and Oxymoron.

8)      Apes With Uzis. I have actually just written another 8 pages on the Arc and Chain one-shot for Rolf. I’ve never dragged my ass on a script as much as I have with this one. I feel like a bit of a dick for taking so long, hopefully the script makes up for it.

9)      Create new comics, work with some kick-ass artists, never stop creating.

A goal of mine this year as well is to try and crack a book through at Image or Shadowline. My buddies Ed Brisson and Mark Robinson did it this year, and I plan on using them as inspiration to make that kind of move myself. But more books through 215 Ink and Markosia are imminent.

Also, I’m going to finish my crime novel, Send Him Round. It’s a three-part story, and the first part is all done. I’m going to finish it and send it back to my literary manager and see what he thinks. But mostly I’m going to finish it for Julia.

That’s it. There’s the list. There’s the plan. It’s kinda vague and open-ended, but if this past year was any indication, a lot of stuff can happen that will throw off what I want to accomplish. So I’m not going to be overly strict with myself if I can help it. Real life takes precedent, right?

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Keep It Hid” by Dan Auerbach.

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