Shameless self-promotion

Yep. Today I’m gonna pimp my shit out. I don’t do it very often (which means not nearly enough), and I should. I can tell you all about the books I’m making, but if I don’t tell you where you can buy/read them, what good does it do?

To date, here is the list of things that I’ve had published:

1) Breakneck issues 1-3: physical print by 215 Ink.

2) Breakneck issue 4: digital release only by 215 Ink.

3) Long Gone: physical print by Markosia Entertainment.

4) A short story in FUBAR volume 2: Empire of the Rising Dead: physical print by FUBAR Press/Alterna.

5) A short story in the Oxymoron hardcover: physical print by ComixTribe.

6) A short story in Weird Zombie Horror: physical print by Black Ship Books.

There’s more stuff coming this year, but this is where I’m at right now. So, the following are places where you can buy copies of my work, either physical prints or digital versions.

> Long Gone at Comixology – $4.99 for the digital release of the GN.

> Breakneck #1-3 and Weird Zombie Horror at Barnes and Noble Nook – $1.99 for the Nook book (Breakneck issue 1 is free!)

> Breakneck # 1-4, Oxymoron, Long Gone, and Weird Zombie Horror at Amazon.Com – between 99c and $7.99 for the Kindle versions of the books.                                          

> Everything except for Long Gone at – digital downloads at various prices.                                                  

> Breakneck issue 3 (the only one of the initial 3 issues that’s still available in a physical print – issues 1 and 2 are sold out on all levels) – $2.99 at the 215 Ink site.                              

> Breakneck issues 1-4 – 99c for each of the digital downloads (except issue 1 is free!) at the 215 Ink site. (Bonus: tons of other awesome comics as well.)                                                   

> Long Gone GN – $15.99 for a physical print copy at the Markosia website.

> Oxymoron volume 1 – $24.99 for the gorgeous hardcover at the Comixtribe site.           

> Breakneck – 99c digital downloads at Cloud 9 Comix (Breakneck #1 is sitting at #6 in the top 10 “in-app purchases”).

That’s all the listings I can find currently. And please don’t take this as me shilling for your cash. That’s not the point here. The point is to get my books in front of you for you to read and judge for yourself. And if you like them, recommend them, pass them on to someone else to read.

I’m not in this to get rich. I’m in this to tell stories, and I’ve just given you a whole lot of ways you can read those stories. For those who’ve read my books, who’ve spent their hard-earned money on them, all I can say is thank you very much. For those who are thinking about it, or will read something down the line, please let me know what you think. I will always welcome the feedback.

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Blood Money” by Tom Waits.


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