My favorite comic artists part 1 – the All-Time Faves

I’m thinking about breaking this list into two parts: my all-time favorites, and the new artists that have caught my eye. And I’m not ranking them, that would be too hard to do. I’m also going to mention the book I enjoyed them most on, which may or may not be their most popular book. But fuck it, I like what I like, all right?

The all-timers:

1) Steve Dillon. For Preacher alone. I enjoyed his Punisher work, but his art was much better suited to the story that Preacher told.

steve dillon

2) Frank Quitely. For The Authority. And maybe We3 as a close second.

frank quitely

3) Tony Harris. For Starman. And maybe Ex Machina a close second.

tony harris

4) Darick Robertson. For Transmetropolitan. And the Boys a close second.

darick robertson

5) Chris Sprouse. For Midnighter. Maybe Tom Strong a close second.

chris sprouse

6) Geof Darrow. For Hard Boiled. With Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot a close second.

geof darrow

7) John Cassaday. For Planetary. With Astonishing X-Men a close second.

john cassaday 3

8) Ben Templesmith. For Choker. With Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse a close second.

ben templesmith


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