Blogs you should be checking out.

Everyone these days has a blog. Hell, you’re currently reading mine, you know? But I wanted to spotlight a few fellow creators and their own blogs. I love seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff.

First up is Wes Locher. Wes will have a 215 Ink book coming out called New Life. He’s got some great ideas, and I dig his blog:

Kyle J. Kaczmarczyk is running a series of tutorials about “how NOT to write comics” that are pretty informative. Check them out here:

Dan Hill always has something interesting going on at his blog. Also, he posts a lot of stuff about cool music. Follow him at

Eric Grissom writes the 215 Ink book Deadhorse, which is awesome, and you should see the things that go on inside his head:

Jeremy Holt writes a lot of excellent comics. He also maintains a blog at But you can also find his very readable and interesting “breaking in” story at Multiversity here:

Jeff McComsey is the main man behind the FUBAR zombie anthologies. He’s like the General in the Small Press Commando army, but the kind of General who’s down in the dirt with the rest of us dickheads. Check his blog out (and see all kindsa cool FUBAR-related goodness) at

My main man Carl Yonder has a website devoted to his art, from his fine art to his comics work (a lot of it with me, I’m proud to say). You can see more for yourself at

Magnus Aspli was one of the first comic creators I got to know, from our time at Digital Webbing. We’ve both published books at Markosia, and we’ll both have stories in the upcoming FUBAR: American History Z book. Check out his stuff at

John Lees continues to craft the most in-depth comic book reviews it’s been my pleasure to read (including a few of my own books.) Read them here:

There are tons of other blogs that are well worth your time, but these are the ones I check out on a (semi) regular basis. Lots of interesting stuff there, enough to waste a good chunk of your workday and probably get you fired.

No, scratch that – it’d be worth getting fired.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Robbers and Cowards” by Cold War Kids.

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