Bits and pieces

So I got a few things going on right now that I wanted to talk about.

First up: FUBAR: American History Z is featured in February’s Previews magazine. My story “The Legend of Mose the Fireboy”, illustrated by Eric Spohn, graces those pages, along with the cream of the goddamn motherfucking crop of independent, small press comicbook creators. I just re-read my script, and man, that story was a lot of fun. I love FUBAR, I love being involved. I love being a Small Press Commando.

This is what the magazine looks like:



Today I’m putting together the bones of a new story that I’m going to co-write with my Long Gone and Instinct editor Andrew Brinkley. This one’s waaaay outta my wheelhouse, so I’ll need the steady guiding hand of Dru to work through it. But the idea’s pretty great, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Things are moving with Scum of the Earth and Action Lab. A few more emails have been exchanged. You’ll read it here first, loyal followers, when and if anything becomes official.

I’ve made the decision: I’m going to go to the Baltimore Comicon this year. I’ve heard from many of my fellow creators that Baltimore is the con to go to. 215 Ink will have a presence there, team FUBAR will have a presence there, and I should be able to bounce back and forth, as well as meet and greet and visit with my comicbook compatriots. I’m looking forward to it.

That’s all for today. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Give Up” by the Postal Service.

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