Things and stuff and such.

Here is some random stuff.

Here’s a couple of Long Gone promo pieces. Art by Ted Pogo, colors by Aaron Viel.


long gone pinup abe

Here’s the unused cover to City of Razors. Art by Sean McKendrick, colors by Levi Walton.

city of razors cvr

Here’s a cover for a book called Darker that I was working on a while ago that fell through in a big way. But my buddy Carl Yonder absolutely killed this cover.

darker cvr

Here’s a picture of the Ironworker from Breakneck, by Kenny Winsborrow. Part of the ill-fated Breakneck anthology.

ironworker kenny winsborrow

A design of the Ghostwalker by Michael Tyler, which was part of the ill-fated Breakneck anthology, but got a second life as part of the soon-to-be-released 215 Ink anthology: Ignition volume 1.

ghostwalker michael tyler

Here’s the “negative” version of the cover to Breakneck issue 3, by James Boulton.

breakneck cr 3 reverse

A black and white shot of the alien bounty hunter from Scum of the Earth, by Rob Croonenborghs.

karth bw

Laura Bitch and the True Bastard in black and white by Rob Croonenborghs.

laura true bw

An unused Breakneck cover by Chris McFann. Chris was going to take over the art duties on Breakneck, but became extremely busy killing Kickstarter campaigns. I still love this pic.

breakneck cvr chris mcfann

And Chris McFann’s design for Breakneck’s chief bad guy, the diabolical Doctor Winter.

dr winter chris mcfann

Enjoy the pretty pictures!

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Halcyon Digest” by Deerhunter. You’re welcome.

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