It has been made official, and I can finally talk about it:

My mini-series KNOWLEDGE has been been picked up for publication by Markosia Entertainment. Markosia is the publisher of Long Gone, and I’m very excited and proud to continue working with them.

I’m most excited about sharing the phenomenal artwork of Jerome Eyquem with the world. Jerome took the basic concept I had for Knowledge and created something staggering. The amount of work he’s put into these characters and this world isĀ unbelievable. Paired with top-notch letterer/design whiz Chris Horan, and this book is something special to behold.

No firm dates on publication times, we’re still hard at work getting the last parts of the book finished. Knowledge was conceived as a 4-issue mini-series, which spread to 5 issues, and is now a 6-issue miniseries, but is likely to be released as a full graphic novel.

Here’s some samples of what you can look forward to:

Knowledge promo 1










That’s the four main players in Knowledge:

1) Agent Spencer “The Davidian” Cradle

2) John Knowledge

3) Agent Julia Dyer

4) Special Agent Lowenstein

I’ll share more as things get closer to completion. So far that’s one official release for 2013. Look for lots more from me!


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