Updates and stuff.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve been gone a long time, I know. But I’ve been busy putting together the kind of entertainment you’ve come to expect, nay, demand from me. So really, it’s your fault. I’m glad we agree.

Some updates on some stuff:

Instinct is done. The pitch/submission package is completed. I wrote it. Sami drew it. Hugo colored it. ET lettered it. We’re good to go. Now I have to get the pitch documents ready, which is a pain in my ass but is vitally important…the pages look incredible, and I’d hate to not do them justice by having some half-assed pitch info. I need to make sure that what I write is just as good or better than the pages. And that’s no easy task.

Interesting note: I jumped the shit out of the gun yesterday, because I had the first pass of the Instinct pitch documents written, and I (for some unknown reason) sent the pages and the pitch info to Shadowline comics. I’ve pitched stuff to Shadowline unsuccessfully several times in the past, and want to keep my name in Jim Valentino’s ear. Or whatever. As luck would have it, Shadowline’s publishing schedule is booked solid for the rest of 2013. Which really saved my ass, because what I sent was NOT ready. I really should have held off.

Here’s an updated goal for 2013: to get at least four books published or accepted for publication. Knowledge has been picked up, so that leaves three more books that I need to get moving on. I want Instinct to be one of them, and have one other that’s in consideration right now at a publisher. So I need to figure out the fourth book.

Completely off-topic: I am really digging “The Strain” trilogy by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. I’m almost finished with the second book, The Fall, and will be picking up The Night Eternal this weekend as a birthday present to myself. I’m not a big fan of vampires, but the way Del Toro and Hogan approach vampirism is really interesting and unique. I love all the psuedo-science-y reasons for the existence of vampires. Highly recommended.

That’s it for today. Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Mirrored” by Battles.


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