Another old idea…that might come back to life?

So in my youthful days of creating comic books for myself, I created a pair of characters that have stayed with me. Now, these characters have been cannibalized many times over, and have actually appeared in other comics of mine, but they originated with this idea that I’m going to talk about in a minute.

The characters were Gabriel Judge, aka “The Davidian”, and Spencer Cradle, aka “Communion”.

The Davidian was your typical Captain America-type supersoldier, enhanced strength, speed, endurance, etc.

Communion was a crazy man who developed a language that let him talk to bullets. He called himself the God of Bullets. I had so many great scenes in mind with this character, him just firing the shit out of a bunch of guns, and then commanding the bullets to go where he wanted them.

The story idea was called THE TEAM. Pretty impressive title, no? The basic idea behind The Team was kind of a Suicide Squad kind of thing. During the original Gulf War, the Iraqis had created a supersoldier called Mossadis, who was the first superhuman to be used in a military conflict. The American government had no such supersoldiers, but they did have a prison full of convicted superhuman criminals. So they bargained: join this team they were putting together and have their sentences reduced.

The Team (Project Janus, Janus being the two-faced Roman god – see what I did there? Two faces, good and bad…yeah, the 16 year-old-me was a clever kid) was a secret operation, twelve criminals were recruited into the project and deployed to the Middle East, where they were tasked to assassinate the supersoldier Mossadis.

But a trailing Australian film crew accidentally caught The Team on film murdering Mossadis, and the footage was broadcast around the world, celebrating America’s new “super heroes”.

The US government, realizing what a massive PR coup this could be, brought the twelve criminals back home, re-branded them and gave them new names and new costumes and presented them as patriotic American superheroes.

However, these guys and girls were criminal scumbags, and even though they were presented to the public as heroes, they were anything but, and the government was constantly covering up their nefarious deeds.

Eventually, a couple of the Team members, field leader The Davidian (who was incarcerated for the murder of his whole military unit, unjustly) and Communion (who, as mentioned, was nuts, and had to be imprisoned for his own good) made the switch to actually become real heroes. They subsequently retired from active duty with The Team, and tried to quietly live their own lives.

Until one day, the new roster of The Team publicly announces it is severing it’s ties with the US government and will be going out on its own. Both The Davidian and Communion know what this means – The Team is going rogue. It’s up to the two of them to recruit a new group of superhumans to go after the Team and bring them down.

I had so, so, so many plans for this comic. I think I plotted out a hundred plus issues. So many things happened over the course of the series, a literal demon joined the team and Satan left Hell to come and collect him, all kinds of crazy shit.

I eventually used the name The Davidian in my comic series Knowledge (actually, I crossed things up and made the main character in Knowledge named Spencer Cradle, the Davidian.)

I’d love to update and revisit this concept, as I think it could still have legs. And lots of violence and swearing too.

Gotta have violence and swearing with my superheroes.

Since tomorrow is a holiday, consider this my Friday update, and I’ll see you all back here on Monday for more tales of comic book goodness.

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Broken….the movie?

First, if you’re unfamiliar with the comic, go download a free copy right here:

And then tell me if you think you could see this story working as a film. Because I couldn’t. At least, I couldn’t before yesterday…

Let’s just say that Broken is getting discussed, very shortly, with a production company. And that’s all I can say (probably because it won’t happen and I don’t want to look stupid later on…)

But the possibility is there.

Go listen to “Apologies to the Queen Mary” by Wolf Parade.

Read MORE of my comics

Hey all,

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INSTINCT – a press release

So, remember when this blog was going to be all about my comic Instinct? And how that kind of didn’t happen? Well, I didn’t think that through all the way, because as it turns out, I didn’t want to give all the story away here on the blog.


So here’s an announcement: Instinct will be debuting, as an 8-page sampler, on Free Comic Book Day this year – May 4th 2013. I will have copies available, FOR FREE, at Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles in Mississauga, Ontario.

Now, for those of you who can’t make it to Mississauga for FCBD, fear not, because I have good news for you as well: to coincide with the print release of the Instinct sampler, I will also be putting all the pages up here on the blog, also FOR FREE.


So May 4th continues to get better! Spread the word, the worldwide debut of your next favorite comic book series starts soon!

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So my brain’s been bursting with ideas lately. Not all brand new ideas, some of them are kinda old but have rolled back around to the forefront.

In the interest of both enticing and irritating you, here’s some of the ideas:

  • Secret Aces
  • The Fallback Plan
  • Dog Catcher
  • Unrelenting
  • Post (Apocalyptic) Script
  • Chokepoint
  • Coat of Arms
  • Eyeteeth
  • Funhouse
  • Seven Days Left

And this quote keeps haunting me. I need to do something about it…

“We will use criminals, lunatics, and subversives to create violence and terror upon the masses. After these groups have served their purpose, the agents of our enterprise will appear on the scene and exterminate them, thus making us look like the saviors of the oppressed.”                                  -Amschel Rothschild, original architect of the Illuminati.

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Free Comic Book Day…

So Free Comic Book Day for 2013 is Saturday May 4th. The last few years I’ve been proud to be a guest of Image Collections in Streetsville (Ontario, Canada for all my non-Canuck followers).

This year I’ve been invited to a different location, one that I’m excited to appear at. I’ll be signing and talking about comics at Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles at 5170 Dixie Road, Unit 102, in Mississauga Ontario (again, Canada).

I’ll have copies of Long Gone and the Oxymoron hardcover available for sale, as well as a super-secret giveaway.

Look for the guy in the fedora and Breakneck t-shirt.

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