INSTINCT – a press release

So, remember when this blog was going to be all about my comic Instinct? And how that kind of didn’t happen? Well, I didn’t think that through all the way, because as it turns out, I didn’t want to give all the story away here on the blog.


So here’s an announcement: Instinct will be debuting, as an 8-page sampler, on Free Comic Book Day this year – May 4th 2013. I will have copies available, FOR FREE, at Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles in Mississauga, Ontario.

Now, for those of you who can’t make it to Mississauga for FCBD, fear not, because I have good news for you as well: to coincide with the print release of the Instinct sampler, I will also be putting all the pages up here on the blog, also FOR FREE.


So May 4th continues to get better! Spread the word, the worldwide debut of your next favorite comic book series starts soon!

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Temple of the Dog” – the self titled (and only) album, because I’m feeling nostalgic for the 90s today.


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