An old novel idea…

It’s funny, I’ve been writing about these old comic projects that I’d like to revisit, and the whole time I have my magnum opus, my novel HEXAGRAM, just sitting here gathering dust.

I’ve been wanting to write this thing forever. I just haven’t had the time. I’ve started and stopped so many times I’ve lost count. I tried to adapt it as a comic, but there’s just so much to the story that I couldn’t do it justice that way. Too many intricacies that I’m worried would get lost. It was never meant to be a comic.

HEXAGRAM is a story that came together from a few different places. It’s a horror novel in the vein of The Stand by Stephen King, but is also very much influenced by King’s short story “The 10 O’Clock People”. It’s got a heavy influence from Michael Marshall’s “The Straw Men”, as well as the comic book Hellblazer. It’s all over the place for me.

Hexagram is the story of the Brotherhood of the Six Points, a resistance group founded in the Roanoke Colony, circa 1590 AD. Everyone knows the story of the “lost colony”, but the truth is that the colony was wiped out by creatures known as Magg’drig, also known as the Wearers of the Fleshcoat, also known simply as Fleshcoats. These creatures annihilated the colony, save for representatives from six families, who fought back against the creatures and drove them from the island.

Over the years, the bloodlines of those six families have grown, gaining supernatural abilities, and setting themselves to forever be the first line of defense against the Fleshcoats, who have the ability to shapeshift and integrate into regular society. Only those members of the Hexagram have the ability to see through the guise of the Fleshcoats.

Fast forward to current times, and the Fleshcoats have put into action a long-gestating plan: the elimination of the Hexagram’s “Destroyers”, those agents who are charged with hunting and killing the Fleshcoats. In one fell swoop, the Fleshcoats wipe out the twenty main Destroyers, leaving the Hexagram dangerously unprepared to deal with any action taken by the Fleshcoats.

With the deaths of the agents, immediate recruitment for their replacements. In this case: their children. The members of the Hexagram lead normal lives, while also acting on behalf of the organization. They have normal homes, have normal jobs, but occasionally go hunting for shapeshifting monsters. The story is mainly focused around a young 20-something named Simon Webb, who is a direct descendant of one of the original members of the Hexagram (the Hexagram is split into 6 families.) Simon is recruited by a man named Geoff Tanner, who is the Hexagram’s “Prime Key”, a man not bound to the Hexagram by blood, but is their most trusted trainer/mentor/leader. Tanner unlocks memories in Simon’s mind by speaking a code word programmed into him by his parents from birth, and Simon is inducted into the Hexagram.

Simon then joins Tanner as they cross the country recruiting the other children of the now-dead Hexagram Destroyers. Twelve in all, Simon takes to calling them “The Dirty Dozen”. They all relocate to a facility in Buffalo, New York (the Fleshcoats hate the cold weather, so the Hexagram tends to stay in areas where the weather is shitty), where they are trained in their natural given Hexagram-derived abilities.

There’s a few sub-plots that run throughout this part, including a budding romance, someone selling out to the enemy, and the introduction of the Fleshcoats of the modern era: beautiful men and women who are captains of industry, running a massive, worldwide organization. The Fleshcoats are power hungry, planning on replacing world leaders with their shapeshifted agents, a plan they can put in place now that the Destroyers are dead.

There’s a lot more to it. It’s going to be broken into three parts, an introduction to all the main players, the training and lives of the new Destroyers, and an all-out battle between good and evil.

One day I will sit down and start this again and it will actually continue. I know all the beats, all the points I want to cover. I know the characters’ voices. I’ve lived with this novel fully written in my head for years. I just need to give myself the time to let it un-tangle from my brain onto the page.

One day. Right after I finish SEND HIM ROUND for Julia.

Go do yourself a favor and listen to “Pure Rock Fury” by Clutch.


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