Who I am and what I do

My name is Mark Bertolini and I’m a comic book creator and writer.

That doesn’t mean I put the words in the bubbles after the artist draws the pictures. I outline the scenes, broken down page by page and panel by panel, with the action in each panel. I also provide the dialogue and any other necessary scene directions.

I’ve had several comic books published over the past few years:

Breakneck issues 1-4 (available here: http://www.215ink.com/catalog/215ink-digital-comics.html), illustrated by James Boulton, from 215 Ink.

Long Gone, an original graphic novel (available here: http://www.comixology.com/Long-Gone/comics-series/9774 and here http://www.markosia.com/titles/long-gone/) illustrated by Ted Pogo and Aaron Viel, from Markosia Entertainment.

Broken, the first issue of 3, is available for free here (http://www.215ink.com/catalog/broken-1-pdf.html), illustrated by Allen Byrns, also from 215 Ink.

Ghost Lines, an original graphic novel (available here: http://www.215ink.com/catalog/ghost-lines-ogn-pdf.html), illustrated by Carl Yonder, again, from 215 Ink.

I’ve written short stories for FUBAR vol 2 “Empire of the Rising Dead’ and vol 3 “American History Z”. I wrote a short story in the Comixtribe “Oxymoron” anthology. I have four short stories in the 215 Ink “Ignition vol.1” anthology.

I have a publishing deal in place for a 6-issue miniseries called Knowledge, to be published by Markosia Entertainment in 2014.

I have another series under consideration at another publisher than I can’t discuss just yet.

And a million and one ideas in progress.

That’s me.

Have a good weekend. Go listen to “Nevermind” by Nirvana, considering today is the 19th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain.


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