100 posts! That’s a lotta BS I’ve written…

100 posts.

That’s a lot, isn’t it? A lot of jibber-jabber about music and comics and comics and music and mostly comics.

I promised some interesting stuff today, and I never break a promise. Well, almost never. Not more than once a week.

First up: the first-ever double-page splash any artist ever did for me, courtesy of Mr. Joël Seguin.

Page 6-7

Look at that beast! This wasn’t planned as a double-page splash (I don’t think I’ve ever planned a double-page splash), but Joël took the two individual pages and meshed them together in an orgy of eye-pleasing detail. This is from our sci-fi book called The Argus, which we might be making more headway on as we think we’ve found a colorist.

Next up: A page from another project in the works by Mr. Ken Perry.

jim page 2

This is for a project called “Jim”. It’s a pretty high concept piece: Jim Morrison, former lead singer of the Doors, faked his own death to become an agent of the CIA. Years later, he’s given one final assignment before they’ll allow him to retire. This is based on some testimony of Morrison himself, where he claimed to be an Intelligence agent, as well as some of the mystery and conspiracy surrounding his death.

Here we have some preliminary sketches for a project called Dog Catcher, by the ever-talented Mr. Matt Mossman.



Dog Catcher is an idea that came from a few different places, but true story: the title of the book came from a dream. Years ago, I dreamt I was in the comic store (that’s how much of a comic nerd I am, I dream of the comic store), and I was all by myself and could check out any comic I wanted…except all the titles and covers were blurry. The only one that was visible was called Dog Catcher. The title’s stuck with me for a long time, and bits and pieces of story have coalesced around it. The final piece of the puzzle struck when Matt contacted me about putting together a sci-fi story. Matt and I have tried to work together a few times in the past, but we’re running and gunning now.

There you go, exclusive art from three new books I have in the works. There’s one more super secret thing I would love to tell you about but I can’t, not yet. Don’t want to jinx it.

Thanks for reading, thanks for making me feel like writing 100 posts worth of stuff. I have to thank my love, my Julia, for making me get off the fence and turn this into a viable blog with real information and content. I started it and sort of forgot about it, and when early reviews and things were linking back to my blog…well, it was a pretty desolate place. But I’ve been able to buckle down and make this a real thing.

Remember to follow me on twitter @mark_bertolini, and check out my tumblr (which has some free comic samples up) at http://mark-bertolini.tumblr.com/

Do yourself a favor and stick around for the next 100 posts, because I promise some great stuff is coming down the pipe soon, and I don’t want you to feel left out.

Thanks everyone.

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