A Kickstarter worth your money

So my buddy Jason Copland has been working on a long-running webcomic called “Kill All Monsters!”, with writer Michael May, and letterer Ed Brisson, that is excellent.

And now, they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to print this glorious book. I backed them, and I don’t back many Kickstarter campaigns when it comes to comics. Because the majority of them are god-awful.

But KAM! (with the exclamation point, always gotta have that) is good comics. Giant monsters vs giant robo-suits. Guys in giant robo-suits punching giant monsters. What’s not to love?

Here’s the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1854372978/kill-all-monsters-volume-1-ruins-of-paris

Go check it out now. For real, some great rewards and you’re standing up for the independent comic community. Raise your voice, raise your fist, open your wallet, and support books that deserve it. Do you really need three X-Men comics this month? Why not get something new?

Because – this:



Don’t even tell me you don’t want some of that.

That’s it for today. Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Push the Sky Away” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.


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