These links were made for clicking…

Today I’m going to pimp out some websites/webcomics/crowd-funding things that friends and colleagues of mine are working on. Yesterday I spotlighted the Kill All Monsters! Kickstarter.

Here’s some more cool stuff for you to check out:

The Sum of Light by Brian McCranie: A Lovecraft inspired horror comic. Check out the dude’s mechanical mask. That’s awesome. and the Facebook page:

Here’s the link to Kevin Enhart’s sketchbook crowd-funder. Kevin’s the artist on the upcoming Apes With Uzis spinoff Thugs Electro. Go and pledge.

Here’s the link to My Life Without a Jetpack by my buddy Magnus Von Tesla, who has lettered several of my comics. And here’s the Facebook page:

Then go check out Cthulhu Holmes by Joseph Pangrazio – a Lovecraft/Sherlock Holmes mashup? Yes please. And the Facebook page:

Here, my buddy and killer writer Magnus Aspli (who wrote the Markosia-published Vessel of Terror) is organizing a free comic anthology called Outre, set to launch, naturally, on Free Comic Book Day. Check it out, some great talent involved here:

And here’s something fun: a story about Elvis Presley – the King of the Unknown! A fun story with some excellent art by Marcus Muller. Check it out:

Then jump over to Fabian Rangel’s site Believe in Comics and buy yourself all kinds of indie comics goodness:

I’m sure there’s more I can link to, but I don’t want to blow my load on just one post. Plus it’s nearly lunchtime, so that takes precedent.

Until next time! Go do yourself a favor and listen to “David Comes to Life” by Fucked Up.

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