Official announcement – Scum of the Earth

So I talked about it briefly yesterday on Facebook. I tied it into the Action Lab Kickstarter getting all of it’s funding, which it accomplished.

It’s official: Scum of the Earth will be published by Action Lab’s “Danger Zone” imprint.

I have no specific details, but I can tell you it’s going to be a 3-issue miniseries published in a digital-first setup. Rob Croonenborghs and I have worked our asses off on this book and it looks amazing. Rob has a few pages left on the third issue to complete and we’re all set. Thanks to Rolf for the inspiration, and to Steven Forbes, who came in and edited and helped me figure out how to turn a 50-page graphic novel into 3 issues.

As things progress, I’ll keep everyone informed. Rob and I just signed the contracts, so hopefully the first issue will come out in the next couple of months. The Danger Zone accomplished it’s goal in the Kickstarter, which means they’ll be moving ahead with the initial batch of books first.

But look for Scum of the Earth to come sometime soon! Also, this:

SOTE promo

That’s two books picked up this year. My goal was four. Two more books to land at publishers. Let’s see what happens next…

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Seeds” by Hey! Rosetta.

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