Official Announcement – Old Ghost

I’d proud to announce that another of my comics has been picked up for publication.

My book “Old Ghost” will be published under the 215 Ink banner later this year.

Old Ghost is a supernatural spy thriller with a heavy European feel. Created in conjunction with comic book madman Rolf Lejdegård, with dynamic painted art by Olov Redmalm, and a logo designed by Vic Boone creator Shawn Aldridge.

Old Ghost will be released in four chapters, digitally, leading up to the release of the print version of the graphic novel.

Here’s the cover (by Rolf) of the first chapter, and likely the collected edition:



And a sample of an interior page, by Olov Redmalm:

Old Ghost, issue 1, page 14 - a very important scene.


(It’s not a completed page, you gotta read the book for that.)

So for those keeping score, that’s 3 publication deals in about 5 months. I’m still counting Knowledge as a 2013 deal, even though it was signed at the very end of 2012.

I made a promise to myself to land four deals this year. So technically, I have one more to nail down. But it’s only the first of May and there’s a lot of year left!

To celebrate, go listen to “Give In” by On An On. You’ll thank me later.


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