Free Comic Book Day May 4th 2013

Hey gang, remember to come see me tomorrow on Free Comic Book Day at Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles in Mississauga, Ontario.

I’ll have copies of Long Gone and the Oxymoron hardcover for sale, at great prices, as well as free copies of the Instinct sampler and assorted postcards to give away of Ghost Lines, Scum of the Earth, Apes With Uzis: Thugs Electro, and Instinct.

Also, remember to check out my Tumblr for the digital release of the Instinct sampler:

Here’s the official Gotham Central FCBD release:

FCBD 2013


It should be a great time! Lots of awesome stuff happening besides me. And free comics, how the fuck can you beat that? You can’t.

Happy Friday. Do yourself a favor and listen to “Halcyon Digest” by Deerhunter, and go enjoy FCBD 2013!

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