Who I am and what I do.

So, I’ve been neglecting the blog a little too much lately, so it’s time to correct that. I’m about to show you the full boat, the whole deal – I’m going to run down all my comic projects, who I’m working with, and where we are in terms of progress. You ready? (Just for those keeping score: I’m the creator and writer on everything listed below, unless otherwise noted. Cool?)

1) Long Gone – an original graphic novel published by Markosia Enterprises. Described as “the Walking Dead with superheroes instead of zombies”, pencilled and inked by Ted Pogo, colored by Aaron Viel, lettered by ET Dollman, and edited by Andrew Brinkley. Available at the Markosia website: http://www.markosia.com/titles/long-gone/ and at Comixology: http://www.comixology.com/Long-Gone/digital-comic/JUL120693


2) Breakneck – a 10-issue maxiseries published by 215 Ink. Breakneck is the story of the world’s shittiest supervillain. Issues 1 through 5 are illustrated by James Boulton and lettered by Matt Brown. The first trade paperback, containing issues 1-4, is available now! Single issues available at the 215 Ink website: http://www.215ink.com/catalog/215ink-digital-comics.html and the first trade, titled “Knives Out” is available at Comixology: http://www.comixology.com/Breakneck-Vol-1-Knives-Out/digital-comic/SUB000181 and at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Breakneck-1-Mark-Bertolini/dp/0615802729/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368625919&sr=1-5


3) Ghost Lines – an original graphic novel published by 215 Ink. Ghost Lines is a story of serial killers, brainwashing, and becoming more than human. Illustrated by Carl Yonder, lettered by ET Dollman. Available at the 215 Ink website: http://www.215ink.com/catalog/ghost-lines-ogn-pdf.html

Deacon Sands - art by Carl Yonder

4) Broken – a 3-issue miniseries published by 215 Ink. Broken is my own twisted take on the origin of the Batman (not starring Batman, since, you know, I don’t own him), but a re-telling of the fateful event that created Batman. Illustrated by Allen Byrns and lettered by MaGnUs. Available for free on the 215 Ink website: http://www.215ink.com/catalog/broken-1-pdf.html and as an e-book through Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Broken-1-ebook/dp/B00CAUH5HO/ref=sr_1_11?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368626145&sr=1-11 – soon to be available on Comixology.

Broken Cover Original

5) Knowledge – an original graphic novel to be published by Markosia Enterprises. Knowledge is the story of supersoldiers in the year 2013 – it’s no longer good enough to be faster and stronger. Sometimes you need to be smarter. Illustrated by Jerome Eyquem and lettered by Chris Horan. Currently not available, since it’s not finished yet.

Knowledge_4_cover (1)

6) Scum of the Earth – a 3-issue miniseries to be published by Action Lab’s Danger Zone mature readers imprint. Scum of the Earth is described as “southern fried sci-fi”. Illustrated by Rob Croonenborghs, edited by Steven Forbes. Not available just yet, but soon!

Scum of the Earth cover

7) Old Ghost – a 4-issue miniseries to be published by 215 Ink. Old Ghost is a supernatural spy thriller/pulp fiction adventure. Illustrated by Olov Redmalm, lettered by Chris McQuaid (who unfortunately can’t continue on the project), with a logo by Shawn Aldridge and a cover by braintrust Rolf Lejdegård. Will be available towards the end of 2013.



8) Apes With Uzis, Arc and Chain: Thugs Electro – a 32-page one shot to be published by 215 Ink. Illustrated by Kevin Enhart, co-written by Rolf and I, most likely will be available later this year. Here’s the cover, for the very first time:

cover final2 (1)


9) Diablo Rojo – an original graphic novel created by Valentin Ramon, with script assists from me and letters by MaGnUs. Diablo Rojo is the story of a luchador-mask wearing freedom fighter battling against an evil Empire in the years after World War III. To be published eventually, once we lock down a publisher. Here’s the potential cover:



10) Antihero – a 4-issue miniseries. Pencilled and inked by David Pentecost, colored by K. Michael Russell, letters by MaGnUs. Antihero is the story of the King, the world’s most dangerous supervillain, as he gets press-ganged into taking down other villains at the behest of the government.

The King - art by David Pentecost

11) Instinct – potentially a 4-issue miniseries. Pencilled and inked by Sami Kivelä, colored by Hugo “Ginmau” Froes, lettered by ET Dollman, and edited by Andrew Brinkley. Instinct is the story of Dominic “The Monster” Arch, the world’s most dangerous bastard, who has unfortunately been in prison for the past eight years. Think The Joker meets Hannibal Lechter.


12) Deep Rest – potentially a 4-issue miniseries. Illustrated by Fabian Cobos, lettered by MaGnUs. Deep Rest is a sci-fi story about futuristic psychologists traipsing around inside the minds of patients, and the chaos that can be unleashed.

Deep Rest issue 1 cover.

13) The Argus – potentially going to become my very first webcomic. Illustrated by Joël Seguin. A sci-fi story about the horrific consequences of time travel.


14) Cardinal (still a tentative title) – a one-shot comic. Illustrated by Michael Tyler. The Cardinal is a straight up superhero story with a last-page twist that set up a hundred new stories in my mind. A character design (my favorite of the bunch):


15) The Gentlemen’s Club – a potential 4-issue miniseries. Pencilled and inked by Kav. A noir story about two rival groups made up of the world’s most skilled assassins, waging war on one another. Here’s the main character, Conrad “Connie” Hume.

GC - Kav


16) Jury-Rig – potentially a 3-issue miniseries. Illustrated by Marcaeus Yates. Jury-Rig is all about the consequences of modifying your body to a superhuman level. Here’s a design for a character, Detective Porter.

porter (1)

17) Jim – again, potentially a 3-4 issue miniseries. Pencilled and inked by Ken Perry, colored by Levi Walton. The story of former Doors frontman Jim Morrison, who faked his death to become a secret agent man…here’s a colored page (the first time I’ve ever shown one!)

Pg 3 colors

18) Dog Catcher – potentially a 3-4 issues mini. Pencilled and inked by Matt Mossman. In the far future, high society is kept running by slaves known as Dogs. When these slaves step out of line, it’s time to call in the Dog Catchers. Here’s a design sketch.


19) Fear and Pain – an original graphic novel by Kevin Enhart – I’m giving Kevin some script assists. A story of history, warfare, superpowers, social responsibility…this story has it all. Here’s the first page (don’t tell Kevin I posted this…)

FandP pg 1

20) Demoniac – a 12 page short story, story and art by Jason Jarava, script by me. We’re planning on submitting this to Challenger Comics.


21) Diver Down – a 6-page short story, story and art by Carl Yonder, script by me, colors by Michael Littlefield Bielaski. Also planning on sending this to Challenger. Here’s a sneak peek at a page:


22) Blackout, eventually going to be a graphic novel. This is something I was working on with Long Gone colorist Aaron Viel a couple years ago, and every now and then we decide to work on it. It’s a spy thriller in the vein of the Prisoner, with some James Bond and Doc Savage thrown in the mix.

23) Capacity – an 8-page short story with Ken Knudtsen.

24) Harder – eventually going to be a graphic novel with Kurt Belcher.

25) Jekyll and Hyde – eventually going to be a graphic novel, co-written with Andrew Brinkley.

26) Pieces of Hate – eventually going to be a graphic novel with Joël Seguin.

27) NRV (No Redeeming Value) – eventually going to be a graphic novel with Craig DeBoard.

28) Teaser – eventually going to be a graphic novel with Carl Yonder.

Obviously, these last few have little to no work done, besides scripting. There are lots of other ideas in the hopper, though. Here’s some titles: The Team. Freakshow. Worldagent. Patchwork. Night Music. The Incident. Seven Days Left. Born and Bred: To Fight Crime. Protection. The Devil’s Hitman. The Last of the Fallen. Unrelenting.

I fucking love making comics and I will do it until my dying breath. Big thanks to my collaborators, who work hard to make the best looking comics out there. You guys are all awesome, and I hope you know it.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Give In” by On An On. You’ll thank me later.


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