Five Weeks Until Baltimore

Hey gang, I’m back. Didja miss me? Sure you did. It must be a lonely, hollow existence without me in it. I apologize for that, but I had shit to do. You know how it is.

As the title says, there are just over 5 weeks until Baltimore Comic Con. In an effort to get my shit together and be more focused (Julia said it would be a good idea and I’ve learned to pay attention to her good ideas), I’m going to be running a weekly countdown to Baltimore, going over what I’m doing to prepare for it and what I expect to do while I’m there.

Sound good? Good.

First up, I can’t remember if I mentioned it and can’t be bothered to check back – Baltimore Comic Con will mark the official debut of the BREAKNECK trade paperback, volume 1. That’s right, I will be appearing at the esteemed 215 Ink booth at Baltimore Con to sign copies of the just-releasing first volume of Breakneck. It will contain the super-hard-to-find issues 1 to 3, as well as the bridging issue number 4, which leads into the following issues of the series. Issue 5 is done and needs to be lettered, and hopefully it can be released before the end of the year.

Second, and on a much smaller scale, my new business cards just came in. They look great, and I didn’t make the rookie mistake of putting this year’s calendar on the back of the card, thus making them useful for many years to come. Plus, they feature some nice Jerome Eyquem (Knowledge, Unring the Bell) artwork on them. Very slick and professional looking. I might fool someone into thinking I know what I’m doing!

I’m psyched to be at Baltimore (September 7-8 2013), this will be my first American convention. I’m psyched to meet lots of people I’ve only ever met online. I’m psyched to sell comics. I’m psyched to do some networking and try to sell myself as much as possible (I’m fucking terrible at that kind of thing and really need to let it go and just run with it at Baltimore – this is a big deal for me and a really good chance to line some more work up down the line.)

Julia and I fly into Baltimore on Friday September 6th so we can get the ground under our feet a bit before the convention. I can’t wait to hit the convention floor and see what’s what and who’s who. I’ll be wearing my Breakneck t-shirt and my official comic-con fedora. I might look exhausted, but that’s okay, that’s my everyday kind of look.

Last night I recorded a podcast with Wayne Hall ( where we talked about the return of Breakneck, Long Gone, Broken, and my upcoming mini, Scum of the Earth. That interview should go live in a couple of weeks, so tune back in for details.

Come on back next time when I go over the list of who I plan on seeing, and where I plan on signing while at Baltimore con.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Hummingbird” by Local Natives. You won’t be disappointed.


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