Two weeks until Baltimore Con!

Hot damn, only two weeks until we head to Baltimore! My first ever US-based convention. Hell, my first convention outside of Toronto, period. I’m pretty frigging psyched.

And the news just gets better. Here’s a link I’d like you all to read:

For those of you who can’t be bothered to click a link, that basically says that I’ll be tabling with none other than JIM GODDAMN STARLIN. Yeah, THAT Jim Starlin:

The guy who created Adam Warlock. Thanos. Created Dreadstar. Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. ‘Breed. He’s the guy that wrote the Batman story “A Death in the Family” where the Joker killed Batman’s second Robin, Jason Todd (we’ll ignore the stupid bullshit that happened with that character after that, yes?). Jim Starlin is a living legend in the comic book industry, and I can’t wait to share a booth with him. Just to chat with him and get a few signatures will be incredible.

And plans for meeting with folks are also underway. I’ve got some swag to trade with Mark A Robinson. Julia and I are going to have dinner with my long-time cohort Carl Yonder and his wife Sarah. And I’m sure that drinks will be had with my 215 stablemates. I’m just really fucking excited to be going.

This is also pretty much the only “vacation” that either Julia or I will get this year, so we want to be sure we make the most of it. Julia, being my incredible and amazing biggest fan, ordered up some special t-shirts for us to wear. I don’t care how nerdy it might seem: we will wear matching t-shirts and you will like it.

Two weeks. I should probably start getting my shit together, no? I’ve got books to pack and things to arrange for signatures, etc. etc.

Until next week, do yourself a favor and listen to “Celebration Rock” by Japandroids.


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