One week until Baltimore!

Holy shit that came up fast. Our trip to Baltimore is fast becoming a reality. This time next week we’ll be there, I think…or close to it.

This weekend I will set aside some time to get all my shit together. My Breakneck shirt. My books: some Long Gone. The Oxymoron with Carl’s cover. The Instinct samplers. The few loose Breakneck issues I have.

Julia (who I really can’t thank enough, it’s pretty much entirely because of her and her budgeting abilities that we’re even able to go) had these made up, because she is awesome:

Instinct shirts


Yes, those are matching Instinct t-shirts. The back of mine says “Follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to my blog”. The back of Julia’s says “Follow my boyfriend on Twitter and subscribe to his blog.” They’re awesome and I can’t wait to wear them and hand out copies of Instinct.

And the list of people I have to meet is getting LONG. Besides the 215 Ink guys, Andrew and the Perkins Bros., I want to say hi to Ruiz Moreno (colorist on Amelia Cole); I have to stop by the FU-booth and say hey to my FUBAR crew; I’ll swing by and talk to the Living Corpse guys; I have to go shake some hands at the Locust Moon booth. Then there’s Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts, Bedlam), Jason Copland (Kill all Monsters), Mark Poulton (Arcana press, Avengelyne, Hawkman), Mark Robinson (I Love Trouble, BT5). And TONS of others that I can’t write down but look at this list:

So yeah, that’s it for this week. Most likely won’t have an update next Friday, but expect a big huge wrap-up after Baltimore. I’m as psyched as I could be. Can’t wait to sling comics, talk comics, grab drinks, talk more comics, hang out with guys I’ve known for years but never met. Can’t wait to take a trip with Julia.

Goddammit Baltimore, you better be fucking AWESOME. Got it?

Until I’m back, go listen to “Heza” by Generationals. You won’t be sorry.

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