The hits keep on coming!

The past 7 days have been pretty busy for me, and probably represent a major upturn in perceived productivity for me. Let me explain.

October 23rd: Ghost Lines is released on Comixology. This validates a few things for both Carl Yonder and me. We worked hard on GL. It was the first complete work by either of us, and it floundered and had a hard time getting published. 215 Ink was good enough to pick it up, put some faith in it, and get it on Comixology. I’m incredibly happy that it’s there and people can read it. I still love the story, and Carl and I have talked about going back to Ghost Lines at some point.

GL cvr Yonder

October 29th: Knowledge #1 is released on Comixology, from AAM Markosia. This represents another title that’s taken a long gestation time, but goddamn, when you see Jerome Eyquem’s art, you’ll understand why. Jerome has given an incredibly unique vision to this story. As I write this, Jerome is about halfway through issue #5 of Knowledge, and trust me, the best is yet to come!

Knowledge Issue 01

October 30th: Okay, we’re not there yet, but tomorrow marks the release of Scum of the Earth from Action Lab/Danger Zone. I love all my work, all my books, all my publishers, but this probably marks the biggest release of my career so far. Action Lab has carved out a nice little piece of the industry over the past year, and I’m super psyched to have Scum come out under that banner. Rob Croonenborghs and I worked our asses off on this book, and I hope it shows. (this is the link Scum of the Earth will be available at tomorrow.)

Scum promo Oct 30th


As we start to slowly wind down 2013, I can look back at the work I did this year and be proud of my output, and only try to re-dedicate myself to getting more work out next year.

I still haven’t completed my goal of four books picked up for publication this year, I’m still sitting at three. Two months to go, let’s see what we can do!

Until next time, do yourself a favor and go listen to “Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was?” by the Replacements.


Original art – UPDATE

Hey all,

Just wanted to give an update: page 7 of the Ghostwalker original art pages has been claimed.

Page 1 and page 8 still available, $40 per page! All proceeds go towards Steve Niles and his flood recovery.


Original art for Sale to support Steve Niles

I don’t know Steve Niles, although I feel like I do. I’ve read so much of his work, and he’s inspired me so much over the years with my own work, that I feel a kinship there. Even if he doesn’t know me from Adam.

Just a week or so ago, Steve’s home was flooded. He and his family basically had to abandon it.

Now, for those who don’t know, Steve Niles is one of the most generous guys on the planet, let alone within the comics community. Which is why it looks like the entire comics community has circled around him, offering art and selling books to donate money towards Steve’s flood-damaged home.

I don’t have a lot of original art. I’m a writer, I don’t get too much, but I have a few pieces that I want to put up for sale. $40 per page, shipped anywhere in the US or Canada (sorry, I can’t ship overseas, the margin becomes too small and there won’t be any $ to donate after that.)

These 3 pages are from my Breakneck short story “The Last Day of the Ghostwalker” that appeared in the 215 Ink anthology, “Ignition vol. 1”. Art is by Michael Tyler (

Here is page 1.

Page 1


Here’s page 7:

Page 7


And page 8.

Page 8


It sucks I only have 3 pages to offer. I’ve given some away as prizes and a couple to friends, long before I knew I’d need them for this kind of special situation.

If anyone is interested, please get in touch with me at for details on shipping, etc.

Also, please think about buying things directly from Steve as well: and make sure to check out the main Steve Niles auction at ebay:

It’s easy to do nothing, but if there is a guy who deserves to have some help, to get some of that good karma back, it’s Steve Niles. Please buy these pages. They’ll come nicely protected, I promise. I might even throw some additional goodies in with them.

Thanks for the many, many hours of entertainment, Steve. Hope I can help out this little bit.

Who I am and what I do.

It’s that time again – where I run down what I do and where you can find it.

This part educational and part humble brag. Hey, I’m not proud. Actually, scratch that – I am VERY proud of all of this work that I’m about to run down.

Sit back, get comfy, here we go:

(I am the creator/writer of everything unless otherwise stated.)

Long Gone – a 97-page original graphic novel about the superhuman apocalypse. Illustrated by Ted Pogo and Aaron Viel, published by AAM Markosia. Available at the Markosia site: or at Comixology:


Breakneck – a 10-issue series, illustrated by James Boulton, about the world’s crappiest supervillain. 4 issues have been published and collected into the first trade paperback. Issue 5 is imminent. Published by 215 Ink. Available at the 215 Ink website: or at Comixology: Or at Amazon:



Ghost Lines – a 4-issue miniseries about brainwashing, serial killers, and becoming more than human. Illustrated by Carl Yonder. Published by 215 Ink. Available at the 215 Ink site: and very soon to be available at Comixology!

Ghost Lines promo sheet.

Scum of the Earth – a 3-issue miniseries illustrated by Rob Croonenborghs. Described as “Natural Born Killers meets the Predator.” Published by Action Lab Danger Zone. Available very soon…October 30th!

Scum promo Oct 30th


Knowledge – a 6-issue miniseries illustrated by Jerome Eyquem. The world’s smartest basket case vs the only man smarter than he is. To be published by AAM Markosia.

Knowledge Issue 01


Broken – a 3-issue miniseries illustrated by Allen Byrns and Jim Giar. A twisted take on the origin of Batman. Published by 215 Ink. Issue 1 available at Comixology:

Broken Cover Original


El Diablo Rojo – an original graphic novel created by Valentin Ramon, with dialogue by me. A freedom fighter tries to show that the future isn’t for sale. Not published…yet!

diablo rojo


Hell to Pay – a 4-issue miniseries illustrated by Orlando Baez. A bloody story of revenge. Not published…yet.

HELL to PAY #01


Pieces of Hate – a possible webcomic being developed by Valentin Ramon and I. A psychotic, violent trip through a diseased future.

pg 1


Instinct – a 4-issue miniseries, illustrated by Sami Kivelä and Hugo Froes. The story of the world’s most dangerous man forced into action to prevent a tragedy. Not published…yet. You can check out the dedicated Instinct website here: – and there might be some exciting news about Instinct on the horizon!



Old Ghost – a 4-issue miniseries illustrated by Olov Redmalm. The story of an immortal troubleshooter brought out of retirement for one last mission. Soon to be published by 215 Ink.

Absolon Danarad - art by Rolf Lejdegard


Antihero – a 4-issue miniseries illustrated by David Pentecost and K. Michael Russell (first issue). The generational story of the world’s premiere killer of superheroes. Not published…yet.

The King - art by David Pentecost


Apes With Uzis: Arc and Chain, Thugs Electro – a one-shot comic illustrated by Kevin Enhart. Two Apes on a routine mission that suddenly kicks into overdrive. Soon to be published by 215 Ink.

cover final2 (1)


Unit 731 in FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead. Illustrated by Carl Yonder. This is the anthology that made Carl and I (and a ton of others) official New York Times bestsellers!



The Legend of Mose the Fireboy in FUBAR: American History Z. Illustrated by Eric Spohn. My second kick at the FUBAR can!

FUBAR American History Z

Ignition vol. 1 – I have 4 short stories in this anthology: Unring the Bell illustrated by Jerome Eyquem. Leo Cosmos illustrated by Carl Yonder. Aches and Pains illustrated by Noel Tuazon. Breakneck: The Last Day of the Ghostwalker illustrated by Michael Tyler. Published by 215 Ink. Available at the 215 Ink site: Or at Amazon:

Ignition vol.1

Living Dead in the Oxymoron vol. 1 anthology. Illustrated (yet again!) by Carl Yonder. Published by Comixtribe. Available at the Comixtribe site: and at Comixology: and at Amazon:



Miasma in Weird Zombie Horror. Illustrated by Lee Lightfoot. Published by Black Ship Books. Available on Comixology:

Weird Zombie Horror


I also have a dozen or so projects in various stages of progress. I’d list those off, but there’s a lot of them.

As always, you can follow me on Twitter @mark_bertolini, and if you want to order books straight from me, drop me a line at

Until next time, do yourself a favor and listen to Elephant Shell by Tokyo Police Club.


Project, projects, projects.

I’ve decided to stop saying “no new projects” because how can I pass things up when the stars align and I find amazing artists to work on things with? I have never said “No, I’m too busy” to an artist, and I can’t imagine ever saying that.

I’ve put together a new strategy to handle new projects though. It’s probably not a very revolutionary setup, but I’m excited for the potential – for every new idea I have, I’m writing a setup sequence, a pitch sequence, of between 8 and 10 pages max. Almost a short story to introduce characters and setting and theme, etc.

This works twofold – for one, it’s not a major undertaking for an artist, and two, it lets me get that idea out and onto paper and turned into pages for submission. I always know where each story is going, and will often write more than the initial 8 pages, but those first 8 pages are all I send to the artist for the time being.

I’ve got several projects of this type happening right now. Here’s some teasers….

Funhouse – a cross between the SAW movie franchise and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Patchwork – an angel and a devil have to work together to stop a monstrous creature from disrupting delicately balanced celestial scales.

The Devil’s Hitman – what kind of person would agree to be the Devil’s hired gun?

Truth Bullet – I’m not an assassin, but I play one on TV.

Graves – a new FUBAR story.

Over the past 3-4 weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to get in touch with a lot of talented artists. I feel like maybe I’m starting to get some notoriety in the small press crowd, like maybe my name attached to something means something? Hopefully that something is quality. Either that, or lots of punching and dick jokes, I’ll take either.

Here’s a link to an article my good buddy Steven Forbes wrote about increasing the awareness of your brand. First, I was humbled to be included, and Forby says a lot of nice things about me, but second, it really made me stop and think about the “Mark Bertolini” brand. I have a lot of work out there, I do a lot of hype, I talk a lot about my stuff. Because if I don’t, who will?

Also while you’re over perusing ComixTribe, I want to give a shout out to my buddy Tyler James, who just ran another successful Kickstarter campaign for his new book EPIC.

Okay, that’s it for today. Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Mirrored” by Battles.

Announcement: “Broken” has a new artist

Hey all, I want to share an announcement with all of you, seeing as I hit and broke the 400 followers mark on Twitter today.

Broken has a new artist. Unfortunately, Allen Byrns couldn’t continue on the series. He’s an in-demand and up-and-coming artist in this industry, and I can’t tie him down.

But it’s okay, people. Really. Because someone has agreed to come on board for issue 2 of Broken. A guy I’ve wanted to work with forever. A guy who I know is going to kick some major ass on this book.

I’d like to introduce the artist for Broken issue 2, Mr. James Giar, or the good and holy Reverand Jim as he’s known.

Jim is a dynamite comics artist, and has done work for Once Upon a Time Machine from Dark Horse, as well as a story in Outre magazine, and lots of live art with the Rust Belt Monster Collective.

Here’s a couple of samples of Jim’s work:


Jim Giar 1


Jim Giar 2


And here’s a link to Jim’s online portfolio:

Welcome Jim aboard! He’ll be teaming with a colorist he’s worked with (who colored that first image) named Tim Switalski. 215 Ink and I look forward to what Jim and Tim can do with the second issue of Broken!

The first issue is still available right here for a mere 99c:

Thanks all, have a great weekend! I recommend you pull out that copy of “Twice Removed” by Sloan and rock out this weekend.


You can buy my books from me.

I’ve been debating this for a while, but the hell with it, here we go:

If you want to buy an autographed copy of my original graphic novel LONG GONE from me for $12 plus shipping…


If you want to buy an autographed copy of the first BREAKNECK trade from me for $15 plus shipping…


If you want to buy an autographed copy of the OXYMORON hardcover from me for $20 plus shipping…


Email me at and I can do that for you. Shipping costs will vary, but I will make sure you have the information and cost up front before you place a proper order. Paypal only, and I’ll hit you with the Paypal address (not the same as the email above). One email for ordering, one for Paypal. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Thanks in advance!